The Wednesday HodgePodge (July 20, 2022)

Hi everyone. I haven’t posted in a few days, because I was too tired from the heat. It’s still quite hot here, but I feel okay now. Today, I’m joining the Wednesday HodgePodge. Here goes.

1. Last time you drove more than 100 miles from your home? Where did you go?
I don’t drive, but I’m assuming riding in the passenger seat counts too. That being said, the last time my husband drove more than 100 miles with me in the car, was probably eight years ago when we went on a short vacation to the Black Forest in southern Germany. We drove in our Kia Rio, which we later found out deserves its acronym, “killed in action”, because shortly after that trip, the car crashed on the highway and my husband could just about move it onto the shoulder before it completely malfunctioned. We thought we had the problem fixed, but it developed the same problem that had caused it to crash back then again half a year later. Needless to say we sold that car. We’re thinking of going back to the Black Forest this September, but my husband has a really small car now, so he might want to replace that one first.

2. Something that drives you batty?
WordPress’ ever-increasing number of ads on free sites. I hope at least that, since I have a paid plan, they aren’t displaying on mine.

3. Do you feel like you’re “on track”? For what?
In my blogging life, I don’t feel as though I’m “on track”, but maybe that’s just my feeling. I mean, I really would’ve wanted to write at least as much this year as I did in 2021 and, up till the month of June, I was keeping up nicely. Now though, I’m not.

Similarly, I have a ton of craft projects waiting for me to finish them. Not that there’s a timeline for those to keep track of, but it does sort of feel as though I’m losing track anyway.

4. Your favorite car snack(s)?
Licorice and winegums (gummy candies).

5. Something you’ve done recently “on the fly”?
Nothing really. I plan most of my activities at least some time in advance. That being said, I do buy things impulsively at times. Does that count? In that case, going to Action (a budget store) in town and buying some random craft supplies last Monday. The trip into town was planned, and I had sort of planned to go to Action too, but I hadn’t planned to buy any of the things I ended up buying.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Yesterday, I had a review with my nurse practitioner from mental health and the behavioral specialist from my care facility. I could rant about it here, but I’m not going to. Instead, I’m going to say that, after it, I finally concluded that, screw it, I’m ready to face whatever it takes to get real help for whatever it is I’m facing mental health-wise, be this trauma-related or a personality disorder or whatever.

16 thoughts on “The Wednesday HodgePodge (July 20, 2022)

    1. I understand. I assume since you didn’t purchase a paid plan before they did the thing with the Pro plan etc., you now can only choose that. I mean, I have the Personal plan, which costs $48/year, but WordPress no longer offers that to new customers I believe.

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        1. Yes, that’s the Pro plan they created this year. It’s stupid they did away with the different options for paid plans for those who hadn’t purchased one already (and I’m pretty sure they’ll do away with the different options for me and others who have them now sooner or later too).

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  1. I so identify with having a ton of craft projects waiting to be finished. I have so many UFOs! And then … I do have several needlework projects where the stitching is completed but I need to figure out how to frame or finish them.

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    1. Well, I mostly do relatively quick crafts, but still I have several unfinished polymer clay projects lying around. And don’t even get me started on all the colors I’ve mixed, intending to create something out of them, which I then never get to.


  2. I pay for my blog, too, because I find those ads popping up all over the place to be a big pain! The Black Forest sounds like a nice destination. Sorry about your car dying…twice!! Hope going forward you’ll be able to manage well.

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    1. Yes, the Black Forest is a great place to visit and there’s a lovely pool we went to when we were there in 2014.

      No, the car didn’t exactly die twice. The second time, my husband was able to drive it to a car repair shop just on time before it crashed.


    1. I think the term “winegums” is not commonly used in the English-speaking world even though it sounds English when pronounced in Dutch (it’s pronounced “wine-gums” but my American VoiceOver voice pronounces it very differently, I’m not sure how to explain). That’s why I added that they’re like gummy candies.


  3. I too purchase on the fly at a craft store, too often. That’s why it’s better for me not to go to a craft store unless I have a specific agenda! lol

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    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I understand, but even when I do have a specific agenda, I often buy things that weren’t on my list. By the way, Action isn’t a craft store, but a general bargain store, so I may go there even when I don’t want to buy craft supplies.


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