Gratitude List (July 15, 2022) #TToT

Hi everyone. I am struggling a little, but trying to stay positive. As such, I want to write a gratitude list again. I’m joining Ten Things of Thankful as usual. Here goes.

1. I am grateful for ice cream. Last Sunday, the local Rotary Club sent out some people to do a performance on care facility grounds, like singing and acting and all. I didn’t like that, but they also sent an ice cream truck. I loved the stracciatella and vanilla ice cream, even though I normally don’t care for chocolate.

2. I am grateful I was able to bring a huge smile to my old assigned staff’s face when I gave her the polymer clay hedgehog I’d crafted for her.

3. I am grateful for nice, warm enough but not too hot weather this week.

4. I am grateful my physical fitness level is pretty much back to where I’d like it to be. I have been walking a lot over the past week. Not reaching 10K steps most days – just once, last Saturday, in fact -, but I’m so glad I’m walking longer distances again.

5. I am grateful for my husband’s creative pep talks. Earlier in the week, I had almost lost my polymer clay mojo because I kept doing my flat projects wrong. Then when I’d found a way to bake them without them bending upward or getting air bubbles at the back – by baking them or cardboard -, someone I consider a polymer clay expert claimed that would cause me problems. That discouraged me a lot, but my husband said not to listen to just one person and to do what works for me.

6. Speaking of which, I am so grateful at least that one little piece of polymer clay – a random cookie cutter star – turned out pretty good.

7. I am grateful I didn’t cry when my old assigned staff officially left yesterday.

8. I am grateful for a really nice card from her too. It has a small lucky doll inside of it, because she wishes me good luck.

9. I am grateful for my new stuffed dolphin. When my old assigned staff put me to bed yesterday, I grabbed ahold of my favorite stuffed animal, the lemur, and she commented I could seek comfort with him when I miss her. She had considered buying me a soft toy as a goodbye present, but she reasoned I have quite many already. This got me thinking and, within an hour, I’d ordered this stuffed dolphin off, to be delivered today. It’s a little smaller than I’d expected, but actually it’s the perfect size for me to hold it when trying to sleep.

10. I am grateful that Seeing AI, the image description app on my iPhone, guessed my age in the above photo as 27. 😁 Not that I really care, but I just noticed and thought this’d make for a fun last item on my thankful list.

What are you thankful for?

14 thoughts on “Gratitude List (July 15, 2022) #TToT

  1. I’m glad that saying goodbye to your assigned staff went reasonably well for you.
    Lol Seeing AI can be very flattering when guessing people’s age, me and my family once took pics of ourselves on my phone solely to find out hhow old we look and I was surprised that it said that my Dad was almost twenty years younger than he actually was. For me it said that I was a child, which I had mixed feelings about 😀 and for Sofi it said 20, which she was super proud of because she’s a teenager so she obviously wants to be grown up.

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    1. Ah yes, I know how Seeing AI can be weird about that. It usually guesses my age as younger than my actual age when I smile and significantly older when I look neutral. I think I had a huge smile on my face in this picture, so it’s no wonder the app guessed my age as 27 by that theory.

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          1. Yes, agree. I once read that, when you look older than your actual age (as I usually do), it also means you often are less healthy than others your age who look younger.

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  2. What a lovely pic of you.
    I’m sorry you have been struggling. Sending big hugs and lots of positive vibes your way.
    Well done with your fitness. I am also trying to up mine, but the weather has been insanely hot here and it makes it very hard work! (And I eat more ice cream) haha.
    Have a lovely weekend. x

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I eat more ice cream too. Not that the weather’s been extreme, but summertime in general calls for ice cream if you ask me. 😉


  3. What a great photo of you! Glad to hear you are still working with polymer clay. The dolphin looks like the perfect size to cuddle when falling asleep. I love ice cream, too!

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