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Hi everyone. May I take the opportunity to join Raisie Bay’s Word of the Week Linky (a little late) to share about my experiences with temp workers this week? That’s my theme for the week for sure, as the week both started and ended with a temp worker doing my one-on-one shift.

Well, technically the one doing my shift this evening was self-employed, not employedd by the temping agency. However, my point is that neither had been oriented to my shift. The one doing my shift this evening, had had a few regular group shifts in my care home before, but still, she was really new.

On Monday, I lay in bed most of the morning, because this woman was just completely clueless as to what to do and also didn’t seem to show any interest in me at all. She paged through my information folder, but I was rather surprised if she got something right out of it. It didn’t help that the two staff working the regular shifts were also relatively new.

Today, I braced myself for another difficult shift. I had been told that the staff doing my one-on-one today had a lot of experience working in psychiatric hospitals, with which I don’t have the best of experiences. I mean, just because I’m a nutcase doesn’t mean I want to be treated like I’m just a nutcase. And I don’t mean this in the way you’d expect: I don’t want people to expect me to comport myself just like that because all I am is a mental patient who “knows better”. After all, in truth, sometimes I don’t know better.

This morning, I learned that said staff also has a lot of creative talent. My morning one-on-one thought she might be able to teach me macrame. This scared me a little, much as I’d really love someone who knows what they do in terms of creative work. After all, they also know bad crafting when they see it. As it turned out, indeed, the staff was able to talk me out of pursuing macrame any further. She did admire my polymer clay creations though and said I could sell them. This tells me she doesn’t know clay, but I was back in my comfort zone again where I’m the “expert”. I showed her how to blend a color (that I later realized I already have in my collection, but oh well).

I did through both temp worker shifts, notice that my assigned staff made several mistakes in my daily schedule. For example, today at 3:15PM, the afternoon staff came by my room with coffee even though I’d already had coffee at 2:15PM. As it turned out, both times are listed as coffee breaks. I don’t really mind usually, although if the staff who comes on at 4PM also forgets my water, it means I’ll have lots of coffee in me and not enough plain water. I know reports vary on the hydrating effect of coffee and most say you retain at least two-thirds of the water. I try not to make a big deal out of it, but it does get confusing.

Speaking of coffee, I did play today’s staff a little. She was making coffee at 7PM because the regular staff had forgotten. She got the can labeled “regular coffee” and started putting it into the machine. I could’ve said then that, per the home’s rules, we drink decaf at 7PM, but didn’t. We both had a little laugh when I did eventually tell her once she’d already turned the coffee maker on.

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14 thoughts on “Temp Workers #WotW

    1. Oh no, that’s not what I meant. Most of my regular staff are really good, but we have an extreme staff shortage here, so a lot of new staff get here without much orienting (or any at all in the case of temp workers). It’s not the care staff’s fault, as they probably try their best.


  1. My eldest works in a care home and hates it when there are temp staff in, especially when they don’t know the residents or how things work. It is frustrating for her as a carer so I get that it must be even more frustrating for you. There is such a shortage of care staff here too which is a real shame.
    hehehe! That did make me chuckle about the coffee machine.

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  2. It must be frustrating to have temp staff that don’t know your routine in especially when they’re seem clueless and don’t show any interest in you. Glad you were able to have a laugh with one of them over coffee. Hope that you can get back into routine again soon with your more regular care-givers. #WotW

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    1. Thank you so much. Thankfully, today I’m back with all experienced staff except for the late shift (who I can call on after 8PM when my one-on-one leaves).


  3. It must be really stressful for you to deal with all the temp workers and other new-ish staff people. It’s sad that they don’t get more info beforehand about the clients in the facility and what their specific needs are, to a degree that would be relevant to their job. I guess it would make it easier for both sides.
    I’m sorry that creative staff was successful in discouraging you from macrame. I agree that it’s really cool and exciting and enriching in theory to talk to and learn from someone who has a lot of experience/knowledge in a field you’re interested in, but there’s also the very unpleasant and stressful risk of them showing us how crappy we are at the same thing. 😀

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment. I do have quite an extensive information file on me, but it’s more tailored towards those who have at least some experience working with me than those who are brand new. Like, it contains my crisis signaling plan, my food plan, some pretty extensive info on my DID that’s none of a temp worker’s business but could be relevant to experienced staff, my daily schedule with activities and some basic info on my need for reassurance during these activities but no info on how to help me with said activities. That would normally be explained during orienting, but temp workers obviously don’t get such an opportunity.

      As for being discouraged from further trying macrame, I’m okay with it really. I hadn’t tried it in a while and am happy just to go on working with polymer clay.


  4. I think your clay work is great and although it’s nice to try something new sometimes, it’s okay if it’s not for you. Temporary staff can make things difficult but I guess it’s necessary at times. I hope things are back to normal now…watch all that coffee!

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