Today’s prompt for Five Minute Friday is “Heal”. I read several of the responses before writing mine. Some left me feeling all sorts of things, which I will try to articulate in the below freewrite.

Is it possible to heal from a hurt you can’t explain in words? Can something that you can’t describe in words, a memory that is just visceral, even be traumatic? I am referring to preverbal trauma, of course and, in theory, I know the answer: yes, it exists and yes, healing is possible.

However, in reality, how can I prevent my cognitive processes from constantly interfering with my experiences? Or should this be prevented at all? I mean, if I can rationalize that I’m now in 2022, living in the care facility and not in whatever danger my body thinks (feels?) it’s in anymore, does it even matter that I endured preverbal trauma?

After all, it’s a fact that I did: I was born prematurely, spent the first three months of my life in hospital and had several complicated surgeries before the age of five. The question is whether said possibly-traumatic events affected me and, if so, how to heal from them.

4 thoughts on “Heal

  1. Thank you for sharing part of your journey. May all of us trauma survivors find wholeness! Glad you are a part of FMF. Grace and peace!

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  2. Very interesting to read about this.. I am interested in how we heal from preverbal difficulties.
    How were your parents with us during these early developmental days. I empathise so much.

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    1. Thanks for empathizing. I don’t really know about my parents’ presence during those times. I mean, I know they visited me regularly as thankfully the hospital was in the same city where my parents lived, but other than that, I’m not sure.

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