Gratitude List (April 29, 2022) #TToT

Hi everyone. I am feeling a bit meh today. I don’t really feel like writing a gratitude list, but I do feel like writing something and I can’t think of anything else to write. For both of these reasons – to have something to write and to cheer myself up -, I am going to try to write a thankful list anyway. As usual, I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT). Here goes.

1. I am grateful for pizza today. Yes, again. Another staff is leaving and she wanted to give us pizza or pasta from the local Italian restaurant as a goodbye present.

2. I am grateful I was able to give the staff who’s leaving her present. I didn’t end up making something for her myself and initially wanted to stay in my room while the other staff gave the presents to this staff, but I am grateful I decided to go and give her one of the gifts the other staff had bought on behalf of us clients.

3. I am grateful for quiet time to write. It’s now nearly 9PM and between 6PM and 7PM, a guy from the home next door was blasting his music on top volume. Even with noise canceling headphones (unfortunately still the ones I have on loan) on, I still could hear the music clearly. I’m so glad it’s quieted down now.

4. I am grateful for a good phone talk with my mother-in-law on Wednesday. I was able to tell her I’m going to discuss entering the process of finding another care home. To my surprise and gratitude, she fully supports me.

5. I am grateful for a nice phone call with my mother on her birthday yesterday. I obviously didn’t tell her I’ll be looking for another care home. We made some smalltalk and it was okay.

6. I am grateful for sleep. Despite feeling quite on edge lately due to a lot of issues, I am sleeping relatively well.

7. I am grateful to have been able to go to the day center for a considerable time twice this week.

8. I am grateful for funny stories to listen to on YouTube. There is a Dutch children’s book author called Jacques Vriens who read his own stories aloud on YouTube. There are also English-language YouTube channels for children’s stories, which I also love, but Jacques Vriens is a childhood favorite of mine.

9. I am grateful I was able to go onto the large trampoline on Wednesday. It was great fun!

10. I am grateful to be relatively financially secure. I won’t go into detail here, but I am just happy my husband and I can handle a little financial setback.

What are you grateful for?

14 thoughts on “Gratitude List (April 29, 2022) #TToT

  1. I hope writing this list has cheered you up. It sounds like the member of staff had a good send off, hooray for pizza.
    Good luck with finding a new care home, it is wonderful that you have the support of your mother in law. x

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  2. I’m glad you were able to communicate with both your m-i-l and your mother. They probably appreciate it more than you know. I’m grateful for pizza today too. 🙂 We had it for supper last night, and then leftovers today for lunch.

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    1. Well, the staff did ask the person to lower the volume of his music indeed. Thank you for the suggestion though and thanks for visiting during the AtoZ


  3. What a nice list! I will have to take a look at some of the books for children written by by Jacques Vriens. Thank you for mentioning this author. Hopefully your plans of seeking a new care home work out if that is what is best for you at this time. Wishing you the best in the coming week.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m not sure whether Jacques Vriens’ books have been translated into English, but he’s quite a well-known author (or was in my childhood in the 1990s), so they may’ve been.

      I do feel that looking for a better-suited care home is the best choice for me. No guarantees that I’ll find one, of course.


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