Gratitude List (February 12, 2022) #TToT

Hi again all. I want to post a gratitude list again. Actually, I sort of did one yesterday too by sharing the material things I’d loved. Then though, Ten Things of Thankful was not yet online (or rather, the wrong linky was). Since I like to link my posts up there, I waited till today to write my actual gratitude list. Oh wait, that makes me look spammy, I guess, but oh well. Let me share some things other than chalk pastels and tuna I’ve been grateful for.

1. Seeing my husband. I am in Lobith right now and am so grateful to be with my husband again. I couldn’t see him last week due to the storm and haven’t been in Lobith since Christmas, so it’s especially good.

2. Pizza. Oh, that’s a material thing, but who cares? We ordered Domino’s this evening and, despite the fact that their menu has shifted to include more vegan and gluten-free options and fewer regular pizzas, my pizza (spicy chicken meat lover’s with extra chicken) was delicious! I initially typed a long rant about how Domino’s has gone too far with their “healthy” trendiness by doing the vegan and GF (which I doubt is genuinely 100% GF) thing at the expense of meat lovers, but I deleted it. I’m just grateful they still had at least something spiced with chicken.

3. My husban’ds Valentine’s Day present for me. I got 2 sets of polymer clay: one with 12 25g blocks of Fimo soft and the other with 6 42g blocks Fimo kids. I haven’t used Fimo kids before, so have to determine whether it’s not too soft for my liking.

4. Decent sleep most nights. Either the pregabalin is starting to work (although I haven’t noticed an improvement in my anxiety level yet) or I am for another reason better able to sleep. I had only one bad night this past week.

5. Eggs. Until a few months ago, a former staff from my care home and her husband would give us a tray of eggs from their own chickens each week. Sadly, the husband died and the chickens had to leave their house, which meant no more eggs for us. However, usually, we now order eggs from the supermarket. I recently found out we now even have an electric, talking egg boiler. Well, I had a boiled egg on my bread this morning.

6. Sunshine. It’s cold outside. Okay, I say that all the time, but the temperatures dropped to below freezing point last night. However, it’s also been quite sunny out. I love looking out of my window to see the sunshine.

7. Longer daylight. This may be related to the last one, but not necessarily so. I love the fact that the days are getting longer. As my husband said, we’re heading towards summer! 🤣

8. Weight loss. I already mentioned this afternoon that I crossed the line from obese to just overweight this week. My dietitian says the Dutch Food Center doesn’t even say you really need to lose weight if you’re in this category.

9. My shoes having returned from the orthopedic shoemaker. Not the orthopedic footwear, mind you. That’s the never-ending story if you ask me. However, for now, I have useable shoes again.

10. My PC. I am so grateful my PC still works. My iPhone, after all, more or less stopped cooperating with my Braille display altogether with the latest iOS upgrade, which should actually have fixed the very problem it now seems to have made worse. Thankfully though, I have a functioning PC with the latest JAWS (my screen reader), on which I can do most things I want to do. I just tried accessing the app to check my notifications, but for some reason, that won’t work still. I’m just grateful I can write E-mails and blog posts on my PC.

What are you grateful for?

17 thoughts on “Gratitude List (February 12, 2022) #TToT

    1. Thank you. It was a little hard to come up with ten of them, since I had already shared some in my Lovin’ Lately post, but I am proud of myself for having accomplished it.


    1. I am definitely able to enjoy lots of time with my husband. I’m pretty sure we’ll stay together for life if that’s what you mean. If you meant I’ll stay in Lobith for a long time, one of the things that makes our marriage work is the fact that we don’t live together. For this reason, I’m now back at the care facility.

      I am so happy you’ve been sleeping well too.

      Polymer clay is so much fun! I hope to be creating something later today.


    1. Thank you so much. Yes, Domino’s is great! I unboxed my polymer clay today and am loving the colors, even though I had most of the Fimo soft ones already.


  1. An electric talking egg boiler? Now that is one thing I hadn’t heard about.
    It seems the upgrades for computers frequently have to work out a few kinks shortly after downloading them and sometimes the version may not work with with some software a person is using on their computer and then a newer version of the software is needed. Kind of frustrating.
    Hope you have a good week.

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    1. I hadn’t heard of a talking egg boiler either. It actually tells you when your eggs are soft boiled, medium boiled, hard boiled and then when they’re hard boiled it shuts off automatically.

      As for my iPhone not cooperating with my Braille display, I do have the latest version of both iOS and my Braille display’s firmware. It’s just, they tried to solve one Braille-related bug but made another one worse in the process.


  2. Congratulations on your weight loss! That is terrific! You have me wanting to try to work with polymer clay some time. I love pizza, too! I could eat it every day. We had pizza bagels for lunch today at school – yum!

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    1. Pizza bagels? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of those. They sound delicious though. And thanks so much for the compliment on my weight loss. Polymer clay is an awesome craft, I’d really recommend trying it.


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