Gratitude List (January 28, 2022) #TToT

Hi everyone. I have been doing my gratitude posts on Saturday lately, but today I feel in the mood for one and I don’t care that it’s Friday. Since the Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT) linky is live already, I’m joining in with it. Here goes.

1. I am grateful for Chinese takeout on Sunday. It was delicious! Originally, the staff had been planning on cooking noodles herself, but then due to another staff contracting COVID, shifts got moved around. The staff who would be cooking the noodles, had ordered shoarma to go with the noodles, which was a combination neihter me nor the staff who was now going to cook liked. In the end, we decided to put the shoarma in the freezer and get Chinese takeout.

2. I am grateful my husband, who got ill with the flu last week, is better again. He tested negative for COVID, thankfully, and was able to return to work on Tuesday.

3. I am grateful a fellow client, who went into hospital earlier in the week, was able to come home again.

4. I am grateful for fried fish for lunch on Tuesday. Originally, I felt bad about doing something that wasn’t on my food plan twice in one week, but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. In addition, thankfully, the dietitian reassured me that this is completely within reason.

5. I am grateful I lost 1kg over the past week and have only 0.2kg to lose to cross the border from obese to overweight. I am also grateful that the dietitian isn’t expecting me to lose weight quickly. Furthermore, once I am in the overweight category, the main goal is to prevent weight gain really.

6. I am grateful for the support of my assigned staff. Last Wednesday night, I hardly slept at all and I sent her an E-mail in the middle of the night. The next morning, even though she hadn’t read my E-mail yet, she woke me up despite actually not being my staff for that morning. We had a very good talk.

7. I am grateful for the support of my nurse practitioner. He doesn’t really know what will help me in the way of medication or whatever yet, now that we’ve more or less concluded that the topiramate isn’t as effective as we’d hoped. However, he’s enlisting the help of the psychiatrist.

8. I am grateful I finished my first handmade polymer clay necklace in time to give it to a fellow client in the care home downstairs from mine for her birthday today. It took me over a month of hard work, but I am so proud of myself for finishing it! I am also grateful she was very happy with it.

9. I am grateful for an extra weighted blanket when I feel very anxious. I always use a blanket filled with sand-like granules when sleeping, but when I feel very anxious, I can add a ball-filled blanket on top of it for extra deep pressure.

10. I am grateful I was able to solve at least one of the problems the most recent iOS update was causing with VoiceOver on my iPhone. Since updating, VoiceOver’s speech prefaced every character I typed by “Underscore”. This turned out to be due to a setting that had been switched by the update or something. Unfortunately, some problems, like Braille display sluggishness, persist.

What have you been grateful for?

25 thoughts on “Gratitude List (January 28, 2022) #TToT

    1. Yes, that’s the food combo I was talking about. I mean, fusion cooking is a thing, but it’s quite a complicated skill. I’m glad we ordered out indeed.


  1. That’s really good news that you’ve been doing so well on your diet. 🙂 And also that your husband is feeling better now. I hope your mental health team will be able to come up with some better option for you than the Topiramate. ANd I’m really glad that your assigned staff was so helpful. 🙂 The iOS bug you were dealing with sounds real annoying, and the Braille display sluggishness is one of the reasons why I still haven’t updated to iOS 15, as it seems to occur to a lot of people, because I rely on my Braille display very heavily when using all my Apple devices. Braille in iOS 14 absolutely can be sluggish too, in my experience, especially when writing (I actuallly have a Braille note taker with a Braille display) and I’m sort of used to it, but I wouldn’t be happy for it to get even more sluggish.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Well, with respect to my medication, it isn’t that the topiramate isn’t working at all, but the latest increase isn’t doing what it should and I still needed something either PRN for the two to three times a week that I get extremely anxious or a daily med that would prevent me needing a PRN medication. We were hoping the topiramate increase would do that latter thing. Apparently not.

      Re iOS, is iOS 14 still getting security updates? I mean, iOS 15.3 was intended as a security update to fix a major Safari safety leak, so if iOS 14 didn’t get an update recently, you might need to upgrade after all.


      1. Yes, I know that the Topiramate actually does work for you, but simply not as well as expected, I just put it in short a bit. 🙂
        Yes, iOS 14 still does get security updates, I believe even some older system versions than this do. That being said though, ever since 15.3 was released, there was no iOS 14 update, but reading about that Safari bug I got an impression that it was something introduced in iOS 15. I think I’ll look into it deeper though just to be sure.

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  2. Excellent looking necklace.

    Just looked at it again and noticed the smallest of the beads are three different shapes in the same pattern (between the flowers).

    Rather intricate, don’t know that I could maintain the necessary concentration/focus to execute that design.

    Nicely done!

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  3. Your necklace is very pretty. If I had found it on display somewhere by fortune..I would have purchased it.

    By the way, I went round and round with an iOS update for my iWatch last week. It’s an iWatch 3 and apparently , the 3 I found- is notorious for being extremely (not an exaggeration) difficult to update. I wish it’s problem had been fixed but it was not. Many other owners of the 3 wish Apple would quit selling that particular model.

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    1. It’s iOS 15.3. Have you not updated to iOS 15 at all yet? If you have updated to iOS 15, you should update to iOS 15.3 for security reasons. At least if you’re using Safari as your web browser, since there’s a major security leak in it that got solved with iOS 15.3. Too bad they introduced some bugs with the update too.

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