Gratitude List (January 22, 2022) #TToT

Hi everyone. It’s time for another gratitude post. I’m struggling a little, but, as I’ve said many times before, this makes them all the more important. As usual, I’m joining in wiht Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT). Here goes.

1. I am grateful to have seen my husband on Sunday. We went to the Subway drive-through to get a sandwich. I chose a turkey one, to which my husband asked whether I took it because of my diet or because I was in the mood for turkey. “Both,” I replied.

2. I am grateful my mother-in-law visited me on Wednesday. We went for a drive around the nearby countryside and for a short walk in a nearby village.

3. I am grateful for muesli for breakfast. I am also grateful the dietitian allows me muesli with some nuts or raisins in it and it doesn’t have to be plain grain.

4. I am grateful for blueberries. When in the nearby village with my mother-in-law, we decided to get some groceries for her. I decided to get blueberries too.

5. I am grateful my dental chek-up last Wednesday was uneventful and, other than the fact that I have inflamed gums, everything was fine.

6. I am grateful for a good laugh with one of my staff on Thursday. I originally was anxious about her being my one-on-one that day, because a few weeks prior she’d triggered me with what she thought was encouragement of my independence. I thankfully talked it over with her and we then laughed our butts off at some silly jokes we were cracking.

7. I am grateful I am inspired to write on my blog. I still struggle to find the motivation to go on walks or to craft, but at least I’m writing almost everyday, sometimes twice a day.

8. I am grateful my nurse practitioner keeps trying to help me and takes me seriously despite how complicated I might be. I have been experiencing increased flashbacks to the time I spent in the psych hospital lately, but I try to remind myself my staff and my treatment team at mental health are different.

9. I am grateful it looks like the essential oils I ordered on Thursday, are on their way. I ordered with a company that doesn’t use the bank’s payment processing system, so I had to make my payment manually, then panicked worrying that I’d made a typeo somehow. Apparently not. Let’s hope the company isn’t altogether lying and will actually have shipped my essential oils.

10. I am grateful I’ve found the courage to experiment with essential oil blends that are slightly different from the ones I find online. For example, earlier I used tangerine rather than orange in a blend that otherwise contained cardamom and cinnamon. It smelled delicious!

What are you grateful for?

15 thoughts on “Gratitude List (January 22, 2022) #TToT

  1. That tangerine blend sounds scrumptious. Clean and spicy. Hope your oils arrive early in the week. I love essential oils, too.

    Sweet that you and your mother-in-law enjoyed some time together. I text with mine most every day. I don’t like talking on the phone but she would prefer doing that. I am much more willing to converse if we can text.

    Glad you are writing so much. Hope your interest in crafting returns soon. You make some lovely things. Have you ever tried making tiny food? My daughter does that and it is very therapeutic. Tiny cakes, bagels, doughnuts. And they are calorie free!!

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    1. LOL about the calorie-free tiny food. No, I’ve never tried making that.

      As for the essential oils, they should arrive on Monday according to the E-mail I got from the company, but the postal service track-and-trace thingy is rather weird (for example, it says my package weighs 3kg while all I ordered were three 10ml bottles of EO). Well, we’ll see.

      I am glad you text to your MIL regularly too. I am not a fan of talking on the phone either, although I don’t really hate it either.


  2. I could identify with #7. While I don’t write in my blog at the rate I did for the first few years, it (writing posts) is an integral part of my life.
    And the cool thing, writing can be totally different things depending on the day I’m writing.
    Plus there is that sense of community that often happens in the comment sections.

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    1. I completely agree about the sense of community in the comment section of my blog too. I didn’t use to reply to most comments, but now that I do, it feels much more satisfying.


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