Gratitude List (January 8, 2022) #TToT

Hi everyone. It’s Saturday again and I’m trying to get into the habit of writing a gratitude list then. At least today I’m doing one. As usual, I’m joining Ten Things of Thankful or #TToT. Here are some things I’m thankful for.

1. A productive appointment with my nurse practitioner on Monday. We are going to discuss my crisis signaling plan together. This is used by the staff to help guide them on how to support me depending on how I’m doing. My assigned staff should have E-mailed it to him by now.

2. Sunshine! I am so grateful that the sun’s shining at least some of the time. It’s near freezing cold, but at least from indoors I can look out the window and see the sunlight.

3. Reading. I am so grateful I feel motivated to read again. I’ve picked up several books again. I’m currently reading the latest Maggie Hartley foster care memoir, but have several other books I want to get into soon.

4. The Word of God. I am so grateful I am still going strong with my Bible reading. I am also grateful I discovered an interesting Biblical podcast yesterday. It’s called Spoken Gospel. Yesterday, I listened to the episode on Jonah 1.

5. Weekend treats. Like I mentioned yesterday, I started on a food plan/healthy diet this week. I am grateful I am allowed to have a cinnamon star cookie in my diet today.

6. Getting my money back from the broken Fitbit charging cable I’d returned. I am so grateful about that, since I was fully expecting (which is a site similar to Amazon here) objecting. After all, when trying the thing, my staff had removed some plastic thingy that kept the cable rolled together. Thankfully, I got my money back without any fuss.

7. Phone conversations with my husband. I am grateful to have him. I am also grateful he’s coming for a visit tomorrow, since I haven’t seen him since Christmas.

8. My staff, the one who had COVID, being recovered and back on the job.

9. My still getting up at 8AM consistently to do my Morning Pages. I am grateful I still find something to write about each morning even if it isn’t something related to my creative endeavors.

10. My computer. A few days ago, I thought for some reason that it’d broken down, but it’s still working. I also managed to clean its keyboard (it was very necessary) and, since I don’t have the type of alcohol or whatever you need for that, I wasn’t sure I’d do it properly without causing it damage. I am so grateful everything still works as it should!

This week, it was harder to come up with ten things of thankful than last week. I think I might do a daily gratitude list in the diary app Day One, now that I’ve revived it for my Morning Pages anyway, so that I have something to refer back to when I’m doing this list.

What are you grateful for?

22 thoughts on “Gratitude List (January 8, 2022) #TToT

  1. Astrid, I keep morning pages too. Over Christmas I didn’t get to them much, with all the goings on. So there are a few days missing. I like to look over mine from years ago. It’s interesting to see where you were at a different time and how you felt about life. How long have you been doing them. Did you start with Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way?
    Love that you’re doing Bible reading. Is that every day?
    Loved your list.
    Thank you, and
    God Bless

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve only been doing Morning Pages for a week now and yes, I did start with The Artist’s Way, although I haven’t been doing the work of that program much at all other than the Morning Pages. As for Bible reading, I do try to read some everyday, but I struggle sometimes. Again, thanks for encouraging me.


  2. I love so many things on your gratitude list, too, including sunshine and reading and computer, well, almost all the things. 🙂 I am grateful today that my daughter brought over our grandson for a few hours so we could visit. He’s 8 months old and is such a joy.

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  3. That is great that your computer is still working. That must have felt like a huge relief.
    I am glad that you have found a Biblical podcast you enjoy. I have been searching for various YouTube videos that cover the Old Testament, our course of study this year in my church. It is nice there are different ones from which to choose since teachers have different teaching styles just as students have different learning styles.
    Being able to look outside and see the sunshine even though the temperatures are cold, seems to bring a bit of cheer inside.
    Wishing you joy in the week ahead.

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Yes, I agree about the different teaching styles among Bible teachers. In addition, I just have to like the narrator’s voice on a podcast or video (since I cannot see the visual aspect of the video, being that I’m almost completely blind). Speaking of which, seeing the sunlight is definitely a huge thing to appreciate for me.


    1. Like you, I’m not doing them exactly as prescribed either. For one thing, I’m typing rather than writing them because I can’t handwrite. For another, I don’t force myself to get to three pages (750 words) each day. In fact, I’ve never reached that goal so far. I’m hoping to someday. Anyway, the goal is quiet time for writing and that’s happening at least.


  4. Another lovely list. Today I am grateful that most of our power has been restored. With luck the rest will come together tomorrow.
    It is my partner’s birthday and this year he liked the gifts I selected (which isn’t a given).
    We also took a drive to the nearby lake for a ‘roo fix’ and they were there.
    I am always, but always, grateful to authors. They enrich my world.

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  5. I’m trying to get into the habit of writing a gratitude list then. At least today I’m doing one'”

    It may sound odd, but that thought is one of the most valuable reminders, at least for those of us attempting to self-improve ourselfs…

    (It is so easy for me to get into the ‘Ok! I will now (fill in desired behavior) for the next week/month/eternity. But what not only works and, imo, the only effective way to approach it is focus on the here and now)

    #9 I also have a routine in the morning typing thoughts…sorta mental caffeine lol

    #10 ayiiee! worse than dirty, my keyboard currently lacks a ‘A’, ‘S’ and most of ‘N’ just worn away… luckily my fingers remember where they are.

    Have an excellent week

    *simple to type…not so simple to do lol

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    1. Huh? Your keyboard lacks an a? You mean as in the visual letter a on the keyboard is no longer visible? I initially thought the key had stopped working but I saw you added that your fingers remember where it’s located, so I assumed it must be that the image of the letter wore out. I have no idea whether mine are still visible as I am blind and rely on touch typing 100% of the time. Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  6. I think when it’s hard to write a list, it’s more important to write one than when it’s easy. I write thankfuls in the notepad app on my phone throughout the week so I don’t forget them!

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