Poem: Invisible Pain

You can’t see it
The pain
Inside of me
So you assume
It isn’t there

You can’t hear them
The screams
Inside my head
So you assume
They aren’t there

You can’t feel it
The suffering
Which I endure
So you assume
That I’m just fine

I wish I could show you
The agony
I go through
So you’d know
What it’s truly like

The monster
Keeps me hidden
Inside this world of darkness

If only
You could reach in
See or hear or feel
The pain
Then maybe
I wouldn’t feel so isolated
So invisible

This poem was written for Friday Writings, for which the optional prompt this week is to write about pain. I am also joining dVerse’s Open Link Night.

38 thoughts on “Poem: Invisible Pain

    1. I agree. I am generally “lucky” in this respect to also have a mostly visible disability. Oh well, my blindness isn’t visible from just my eyes but usually when interacting with me, people can tell I am disabled in some way at least. It is truly hard when people assume that we’re not suffering at all, or not as much as we are, because our pain can’t be seen. Thanks so much for commenting.


  1. Heartache is a pain that hurts in a different way.
    So is lonesomeness, being bullied, rejection,
    being punished for something you shouldn’t have been,
    and a lot of others.
    Nice thoughts, hurting subject.

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  2. Invisible illnesses are the hardest to understand. I know because I have one myself. Sometimes I wish I could invent a simulator so I could let others experience a little bit of what I go through! Wishing you well.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Like I said in another comment, I am “lucky” to also have a mostly visible disability, but still, it’s hard to explain the depths of my invisible suffering.

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  3. I have a family member who deals daily with chronic pain. I have heard her echo the same sentiments. Because people don’t see her pain they don’t think it exists. It’s so isolating.

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    1. It definitely is! Like I mentioned in a few other comments, I am “lucky” that at least I also have a mostly visible disability. I really feel for your family member. Thanks for stopping by.


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