Gratitude List (September 17, 2021) #TToT

Hi everyone! I’m struggling with grief a bit today. I thought at first that I wanted to write about it, but I’ve made up my mind. Rather, I want to distract myself and, for this reason, am doing a gratitude list. As usual, I’m joining Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT). Here goes.

1. I am grateful for my husband. We’ll celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this weekend and I’m so glad he’s put up with me through all these years.

2. I am grateful to be pain-free right now. I woke up in some pain a few mornings this week, but right now, it’s evening and I’m not in pain.

3. I am grateful I am doing relatively well sticking to a healthier lifestyle. I started two weeks ago and, in my first week, lost 800 grams. I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow morning again.

4. I am grateful for relatively good weather still. It’s still pretty warm, with temps rising to about 20°C each day. We’ve had some rain, but not too bad.

5. I am grateful for quick replies from the developer of Diarium, the app I reviewed on Tuesday. He’ll hopefully be able to figure out why the app isn’t showing up on the App Store for at least some people.

6. I am grateful for Diarium’s built-in “My Day” template. I am also grateful that Diarium is pretty much completely translated into Dutch, including the template, so that I can now easily journal in my native language. That helps me get out of “writing for an audience” mode. I am grateful I am on a four-day streak in Diarium (not that the app keeps track) now.

7. I am grateful for good books to lose myself into.

8. I am grateful for Pringles. My day activities staff, the one who had her 25th anniversary of working for this agency in August, celebrated the occasion officially yesterday. She gave us all chips, in my case Pringles, because I like those the best.

9. I am grateful to have been relatively creative despite feeling a bit meh over the past week.

10. I am grateful to be a child of God. I have been increasingly inspired to not just proclaim Jesus as my savior, but to allow Him to be Lord over my life.

What are you grateful for?

19 thoughts on “Gratitude List (September 17, 2021) #TToT

  1. This is a great gratitude list. 🙂
    Happy anniversary to you guys. 🙂
    I am also really grateful today to be almost pain-free as yesterday and most of today I’d been in quite a lot of pain due to period and related migraine, but now am well enough to be productive and it feels great.
    It’s really great when app developers are responsive like that, I always appreciate it too.
    Funny that you mention automatically being in a writing for an audience mode when writing in English. I used to have it the other way around back when I used to blog in my native language, but now that I’ve been blogging in English for over three years I’m very much like you too and whenever I write in English just for myself I have this sort of urge to write as best I can in terms of style and to explain things so that they’re clear to outsiders, as if I expected someone to read it. 😀 It doesn’t really bother me overly and doesn’t make me stop writing in English, I just write in whatever language suits my mood and feelings and current situation I’m in, but it’s kind of interesting the way it works.
    Pringles rule! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting and especially for the wishes for our anniversary.

      It doesn’t bother me either that I often feel as if I’m writing for an audience when I’m writing in English, but it does keep me from writing in private sometimes, as I feel that I might as easily write on my blog.

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  2. What a beautiful way to turn your sadness and grief into something more uplifting and positive. I tend to set aside my gratitude journal on the evenings of my hardest days. And that’s when I need it most. Glad for the things you shared. Pringles are delicious. Bravo on weight loss and healthier lifestyle choices. And ten years with your husband.

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    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I of course didn’t make very healthy choices over the weekend because of our anniversary celebrations, which traditionally mean a large pizza. As for gratitude being put aside on the harder days, I can do that too at times.


  3. Happy Anniversary! Being grateful for those times when one IS free from pain is such a good thing to do. I am sorry you are dealing with a bit of grief, but I am glad you are trying to find some ways to divert yourself from your sorrowful moments. Sometimes grieving comes in bits and pieces, or steps. You will know when you are ready for the next step. I love your #10. In the church I attend there is a hymn that is sung, titled “I Am a Child of God.” It is a great reminder that everyone is a child of God. You might like listening to it

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    1. Thank you for commenting. I will definitely check out that hymn! As for grief, for me, it can be very different depending on what I’m grieving. Currently mostly grieving the loss of my eyesight, which comes in strong waves rather than steps.


  4. Happy Anniversary
    While writing about grief can, at times be helpful, sometimes letting it settle (within) of it’s own accord can be the best approach.
    Being here, among others, is, imo, a part of that process.
    Damn! Haven’t had Pringles in I don’t know how long. (Fritoes is my jam)
    Have a good week,

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Good luck to you on your healthy living journey! I didn’t do well over the weekend either due to the anniversary celebrations, but will be going strong again tomorrow.


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