#WeekendCoffeeShare (September 11, 2021)

Hi everyone. It’s long past my last coffee break of the day, but I’m still joining #WeekendCoffeeShare. Fancy a soft drink or a glass of water? I’m off to bed after I finish this post, but I think we can still have a catch-up.

If we were having coffee (or water or a soft drink, but you get the idea), I’d share that the weather was good for most of the week. On Wednesday and Thursday, the temperature rose to around 27°C. That’s pretty awesome for September, isn’t it? It was also sunny most of the time. We got some slight thundering Thursday and Friday, but thankfully nothing too bad.

If we were having coffee, I’d proudly announce that, thanks to the good weather and my feet cooperating, I was able to get in a lot of steps over the week. I so far got in nearly 75K steps and that’s not including Sunday yet.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that Shoe Guy finally took my orthopedic shoes to his work station with him. He saw pretty quickly that, not only is the combo with the ankle foot orthosis (AFO) giving me problems, but the shoes are also both far too wide. Let’s pray he’s going to get both issues fixed soon and that’s the end of the footwear saga.

If we were having coffee, I’d share that the day center reopened on Monday after eighteen months of being more or less closed due to COVID. I, thankfully, get day activities in the home. In fact, during the time of COVID, my one-on-one was combined with another client’s care, but I now have my very own day activities shift from 10:15AM till 3PM. I was kind of scared that this’d mean I had taken a staffer away from my old group, but apparently not.

I am allowed and more or less expected to visit my old group for a little while each morning, thankfully with my one-on-one accompanying me. However, last Thursday, I was busy preparing my niece’s birthday present, so I asked if I could switch my visit to the afternoon. That was totally okay. My fellow clients at the day center do definitely appreciate me visiting. That makes me feel so grateful.

If we were having coffee, I’d share that I’ve been busy with my husband’s wedding anniversary present today. That’s the secret project I mentioned yesterday, but I won’t disclose what it is exactly until my husband has received it himself next week. He did jokingly nag me a little, but I won’t spoil it to him either.

If we were having coffee, lastly I would tell you that, no, I haven’t lived under a rock all day, ignoring the fact that it’s the anniversary of 9/11. Okay, I did mention it in my other post today, only to blather on about myself. However, it could be me, but the news seems incredibly quiet about it too here. I don’t watch television or read newspapers, only scrolling through so-called “important” news on my iPhone’s home screen. I’ve seen announcements of the deaths of Peruvian terrorist leader Abimael Guzmán and Dutch former train hijacker Junus Ririmasse. There’s also another protest against Dutch pandemic management measures today. The only news article mentioning 9/11 I’ve seen today, is about some cartoon on politician Sigrid Kaag. I cannot see the actual cartoon, of course.

I do feel a little off having seemed to ignore the world’s major crisis of my teens. Then again, I’d rather live under a rock than get depressed by the world’s events.

How have you been?

19 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare (September 11, 2021)

  1. Hi Astrid.

    I know too well what you mean about getting depressed by the news. Since our last national election embarrassment, I’ve been so disillusioned with the failure of our political leaders, our media and even our courts that I’ve all be stopped wasting any of my time on them. Here, we can’t even trust our biggest companies which have a media presence (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, etc.) to not engage in outright lying and manipulation of those who use their platforms.

    I don’t have an answer to this but will have to think it through someday and come up with a position I can defend and get behind. In the mean time, I prefer to spend my time on creating entertaining stories and be at least on source of stuff to read without having an agenda. In the US, I think that alone makes me stand out. On the other hand, with everyone else seeking to further polarize us all, I may be trying to entertain those who prefer to join a protest march.

    Not a pretty sight right? But it’s all I’ve got for now; well that and trying to speak wisely if asked for my opinion. I think you are acting wisely in trying to limit your exposure to whoever is trying to manipulate you and your peers there in the Netherlands. It’s pretty bad here and I hope it’s not as bad there.


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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It’s not even about not wanting to be manipulated in my case, honestly, as I probably won’t be able to avoid that fate. It’s more that the events in this world are sad enough without all the media broadcasting about them.


  2. I too tend to pick living under a rock to getting depressed over the world news. I am so much happier living in my little bubble (and it’s not the news doesn’t trickle in anyway).

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  3. We had the same nice weather last week too. Today we have rain.
    Well done with all of your steps. That is a great achievement and good luck with getting your shoes fixed. It is about time.
    I am sure your husband will have loved the anniversary presents. x

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. That’s nice that your weather was good last week. We’re supposed to get rain later today too. As for the anniversary present, I haven’t even made the actual thing yet, as the last of my supplies didn’t arrive until today. I’ll get to work in about an hour or so.

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