#WeekendCoffeeShare (April 11, 2021)

Hi everyone on this cloudy and slightly rainy Sunday evening. I’m rather late writing my #WeekendCoffeeShare post this week. I’m having a rather hard time planning when to write, as I cannot concentrate on it when my one-on-one staff is with me and yet struggle to feel well enough to write when alone. I just finished my dinner, so no coffee for me as of yet (though with my parents, coffee after dinner was a ritual). If you’d like a Senseo though, I can make you one. Let’s have a drink and let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee, I’d share that this week was rather bad weather-wise. It’s been raining all week. On Monday and Tuesday, it even snowed a bit. It’s been near freezing cold too. How is your weather?

If we were having coffee, I’d share that this week, the physical therapist and orthopedic shoemaker came by to discuss my getting semi-orthopedic shoes. My current, store-bought shoes aren’t great for fitting my AFO in. They also have laces, which I can’t tie myself. I’ll hopefully hear next week what models they have available. I did try on a pair already, but this was just to get an idea of what I’d need.

Thankfully, the shoes will be fully covered by long-term care. This did lead to a bit of self-loathing, in that I feel like a burden for costing so much with my one-on-one, the weighted blanket and all the other costs and now this. I try to calm myself by thinking it wasn’t really my decision. Besides, I will most likely experience less pain when walking and be able to walk longer distances. Still, I can hear my inner critic say that I fake my mild cerebral palsy.

If we were having coffee, I’d share that, last Friday, I was in a crisis. I don’t even know what led to me starting to feel triggered. At some point though, I left my room at night. On my way to wherever, I bumped into something and swore. Then I decided I’m unforgivable anyway now and decided to self-harm. I’m okay physical wound-wise and the night staff eventually calmed me down. Still, I have been feeling really unsettled all weekend.

If we were having coffee, lastly I’d share how proud I am of myself for continuing to blog each day and sometimes more than once. Of course, I’m busy with the #AtoZChallenge, but I also managed several other blog posts. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

How has your week been?

20 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare (April 11, 2021)

  1. I hope the orthopaedic shoes will be helpful and that you’ll be experiencing less pain as a result.
    Sorry to hear that your weekend was so awful. I hate feeling unsettled apparently for no reason. I hope this week will be better for you mental health-wise.
    Congratulations on your #AToZChallenge! 🙂 I think that’s a really big achievement! And although I have very little idea about or experience with essential oils, your posts are very interestint to read.

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  2. I believe we need really good shoes to help stabilize our bodies in walking. I discovered that about 16 years ago and it makes a great difference. Wishing you a great week!

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  3. Hi Astrid. I’m sorry to hear that you had some bad days. I don’t know enough to speak to them, but wish you did not have to deal with things like that. I hope you find a comfortable time and place to write because I suspect that it gives you joy to be in touch with people from around the globe. Some of us have known you for a few years (as in my case) or maybe more for others, and we care about you, You’re always kind to your virtual coffee guests.

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    1. Oh, thank you so much! You saying I’m kind to you and my other #WeekendCoffeeShare guests, means a lot to me. I really think I’ll feel better soon and I already write more than I used to.


  4. The weather hasn’t been great here either. We’ve had snow then sun then rain. It needs to make it’s mind up.
    Good luck with the shoes. It sounds like they will be a great help. Try not to worry about the cost. You being comfortable and a bit more pain free is worth every penny.
    Well done with the blogging every day x

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, the weather’s been all over the place here too. Today, it’s quite sunny but still cold.

      Thanks for the support on my shoes. That means a lot.


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