Self-Care During These Weird Times

Okay, it’s been quite the week. Here in the Netherlands, the government are discussing curfews and other stricter lockdown measures and even without those, the current lockdown will last till at least February 9. I’ve even heard some pandemic management gurus say the measures need to be in effect till the summer. Ouch.

Still, I am very happy that I live in a currently stable democracy like the Netherlands. As much can’t be said of the United States. I really wonder how all of my American friends keep their spirits up. Today, for Mama Kat’s writer’s workshop, I’m sharing some ways I take care of myself.

1. Prayer and Bible reading. As my husband says, in unprecedented times, people turn to religion. Now he predicts worse times are still to come for us, although we can never be sure. It’s important to know our life’s purpose if we want to keep afloat. For me that purpose is Jesus.

I have almost a 40-day Bible reading streak on the YouVersion app. I also make sure I pray everyday.

2. Avoiding the news. I know some people have come to watch more TV over the past ten months or so, but I experience the opposite. I look up an overview of what’s been said after each prime minister’s speech. Other than that, I only briefly skim through the news.

3. Doing things I enjoy. I try to write everyday, even if it’s not on this blog. I also look into developing my creative side in other areas, such as soap and bath and body product making. Today I made my first bath bomb in nearly a year. I also try to walk everyday. In this respect, the pandemic certainly helped, because now that the day center is closed, I can go on more regular walks.

4. Relaxation. When life gets to me, I try to relax. I lie under my weighted blanket, turn on a nice playlist on Spotify and diffuse some essential oil in my diffuser.

5. Gratitude. My husband doesn’t want to scare me when he says things may get worse, but he’s right. Most of us in the developed world still have food and shelter. Most of us in Europe have access to health care. Here in the Netherlands, we have a government that tries its best to care for the people. I have Internet access or I wouldn’t be writing this post. Things may get worse, but right now, they are still pretty much okay. I at least can handle the current situation.

What do you do to stay motivated during these weird times?

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18 thoughts on “Self-Care During These Weird Times

  1. I so enjoyed your response, Astrid!

    While I feel that we all should hold allegiance to where we live, current times here in the United States are beyond difficult and I’m ashamed at much of what has, and is, taking place on the political battlefront. I’ve avoided the news, just about completely, for months now, catching up just briefly with a few headlines now and then.

    Television…yes. Oddly enough, I’ve gotten very caught up with watching shows on RV’s, people moving to Alaska and a favorite called Tree House Masters. I guess it all reflects what I would do IF I could!

    One of my favorite essential oils is Thieves. Very strong but it seems to bring relief to a lot of things, especially my husband’s sore knee. And, I have a tiny diffuser of it placed in one of the vents in my car…for when I do go out!

    Whatever you’re doing…keep it up and…stay safe!

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    1. Oh, I so feel you on these difficult times in the United States! I really understand you’re watching distracting TV shows rather than the news now.

      As for the essential oil, I don’t have that one but I did myself create one called Forty Thieves from It is great!


  2. Avoiding the news helps me a lot too. It’s interesting to me how much more strict other countries are during the pandemic. It feels like in the United States our numbers are so high and yet we are less strict about making sure people stay safe. Today was a breath of fresh air as the change of leadership shifted from Trump. I hope this means good things to come for our country and for our relations with other countries too. Politics have been quite a ride lately!

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    1. Yes, I’ve heard the U.S. aren’t as strict on pandemic management measures. Then again, neither was the Netherlands up until very recently. Like, masks weren’t required in public places until Dec 1. I certainly do hope the change of leadership will help America and the world at large.


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