Gratitude List (December 19, 2020) #TToT

Hi everyone! This isn’t going to be a very long post I think, as I’m in Lobith and don’t have my computer with me. For this reason, typing is a little hard. I am going to try to write a gratitude list anyway. I think Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT) is back, so I’m participating in that.

1. I am grateful for my external keyboard. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to type this post at all. It may not be as convenient as my laptop, but it’ll do.

2. I am grateful I can still go to my husband’s and my house in LObith despite the lockdown. The “strict” lockdown was announced Monday evening but it hardly has any consequences for me. After all, i didn’t go to stores or the like at all.

3. I am grateful my sister and her family visited me on Monday. They were afraid the lockdown would apply to care facilities too, so they visited me before it was announced.

4. I am grateful to have seen my 15-month-old niece. I hadn’t seen her (or my sister for that matter) in over a year.

5. I am grateful we could get pizza takeout when my sister visited.

6. I am grateful for hamburgers. We cooked those at day activities on Wednesday.

7. I am grateful I was able to E-mail my nurse practitioner. I had an appt with him on Thursday, which didn’t go too well. I am grateful I was able to explain why I had negative feelings about it.

8. I am grateful for myhusband’s encouragement. He was very firm with me after my appt with my nurse practitioner, but I am so glad he helped me get my positive mojo back.

9. I am grateful for chocolate. My husband and I paid a quick visit to my in-laws on the way to Lobith and they had some. Of course, I am also grateful to have seen the in-laws themselves.

10. I am grateful for my ability to talk faith with my husband. Today, he was able to answer some of my questions that have led me to doubt my faith.

What are you grateful for?

16 thoughts on “Gratitude List (December 19, 2020) #TToT

  1. Yeah, thank God for external keyboards! I also use my Braille-Sense for typing on the iPhone very extensively, which is almost as convenient as writing on a laptop, except that it lags a little bit and likes to lose focus.
    It’s great that the lockdown doesn’t really make a huge change for you, and that you can still get to see your family. 🙂

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  2. What a fun week! You got to see real people! It is a lovely thing when it works out. Mama is in a facility which has a COVID outbreak and I am grateful she is in a safe place, as possible, that is. And we were able to at least drop off her gifts at the guard station. We called her and she was tickled to get her chocolate Santa and cookies and other things. I think she especially liked the sweets. And she needs them to help her gain weight.

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    1. Oh, I’m so very sorry you couldn’t physically see your Mom. I’m so glad though that she’s as well and safe as possible for now though and you could speak to her. I totally understand she loved the gifts.

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  3. good that the lockdown in your area was anticipated enough to let people visit before hand… talking (and email and other forms of communication) is a gift that returns so much more than it takes
    have a good Christmas

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