#WeekendCoffeeShare (August 16, 2020)

It’s been several weeks since I last joined in with the #WeekendCoffeeShare community. I was thinking of doing a post earlier in the evening, but it was just too soaring hot in my room still. Now it’s past midnight, so technically Sunday and I’m joining in.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you how the weather is where you are, only to complain about the weather here. It’s been over 30°C here all week. Today was slightly cooler, but the humidity made it very exhausting. I’m almost hoping for some thunderstorms tonight. You know, I’m scared of them, but I really hate this heat.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my computer crashed on Monday. I guess it got hit with the heat too. It was fine again Tuesday after leaving it off for a night and is still fine now.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the woman who lives in the other home that’s part of my facility whom I often talk to, had her birthday on Thursday. I gifted her a keychain that I’d made and she loved it. She did feel a little uncomfortable when my staff asked her whether she’d like to have me visit sometime, but that’s because she needs time to process.

If we were having coffee, I would share that I made some delicious banana and strawberry milkshakes over the past few days.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I got a bargain on some peaches and blueberries at the local supermarket. They were three packages of fruit for €5. Blueberries are pretty expensive so I got a small package of those, but I got two large packages of peaches. They are the wild, flat kind of peaches and they’re delicious! I got them on Thursday. Though I ate all the blueberries that evening, I haven’t even emptied the first box of peaches yet.

If we were having coffee, I’d share that I talked to my nurse practitioner on Thursdday. I sent him some piece of writing I’d done for my staff about how I’m feeling. I left the link to my blog in my signature, which I’m not sure was the right thing to do. He said he’d been browsing around a bit. Of course, that made me feel uncomfortable, so I asked him whether he had some type of weird idea about me now. The main reason I asked is because he asked about the meaning of my blog URL, which of course refers to my seeing myself as multiple. I’m trying not to care, of course, and I won’t be censoring myself based on who might read my blog. I know this is a public blog so to be careful about my and especially others’ privacy.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I have a ton of ideas for blog posts in my mind, but for whatever reason (the heat, maybe), I cannot quite concentrate enough to write them. I’m also thinking of finally starting up my journal writing prompts blog, which I registered with WordPress some months ago. I will post a formal announcement when/if this happens.

If we were having coffee, lastly I would tell you that my husband came by for a visit today. We’d originally planned for me to go to our house for a night, but my husband proposed we eat somewhere and go for a walk. We ended up getting a burger and milkshake at McDonald’s. The walk was short, as I didn’t want to walk in a forest because I had my sandals on and it was too hot and humid to walk anywhere else.

How have you been?

25 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare (August 16, 2020)

  1. Hi there. Looks like a good week with a birthday and milkshake to top it off. Weather from where I am (Philippines) is on and off with rain and sunshine. It willl start around 30’s in the morning and by noontime (just like now), the sky turns gray and it will rain the rest of the afternoon. Can’t complain, though, as long as we don’t have typhoons. Just got back into my blog again and enjoying the process especially the weekend coffee share. I am trying to make sense of my schedule for writing in between work from home arrangements. Like you, I have tons of ideas in my head and starts to get overwhelming. Ideas are good, though, and what I usually do is jot down a couple of titles and add bullets of ideas underneath just so that I don’t forget it and just go back into it when the right time comes. I hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks for coffee.

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  2. The weather sure is a little weird. I don’t recall the summer ever being this hot as a kid? Right? I keep track of the weather in different places since I am planning on buying a property in a few years. I want to garden, but just like you I don’t like the heat. I also think the lack of rain = access to water, is scary. Lots of things to consider. my daughter and I took a walk early this morning, because I’d really like to get out, and it is to warm during the day. I hope you get a pleasant Sunday.


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  3. Sounds like you have been doing well. I am glad to hear it. Things here are changing for me-again. AT least living arrangements.

    The weather here has been in the 80’s and nineties. Lots of clouds and very little rain.

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  4. Oh flip it’s awful your entire week was so hot. We’ve been having very hot days here too but thankfully it’s never been a whole week without a break. Right now it’s very hot too since Friday and super humid and it’s awfully exhausting. I only went for a half an hour or so to my gran in the morning and we sat outside but it was so hot that I was feeling physically sick by the time I got back home and only got out of bed a while ago, I just despise the heat! I think I’ll be getting myself proper AC this year from my room, as it is west-facing and heats up in no time, so hopefully that will help me to cope.
    Blueberries and peaches, yummm.
    Oh, I honestly think it’s so very brave of you to share your blog link with your nurse practitioner, and that you don’t even feel an urge to censor yourself knowing full well that he’s been reading. I think I would have a problem if I was fully aware of people who know me in real life reading my blog, especially if they’d have a very different way of thinking to mine. But it’s great you’re having such an attitude to it.

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  5. Hi Astrid.

    Even your mention of strawberry and banana milkshakes with your husband brought back many memories of similar events for me. From Jr. High School when a girl named Pam and I were dating and hung out a lot at a corner soda shop where they made the best shakes, to day-long hikes in the hills south of town which ended at a shop close to the freeway when more great shakes where we were served by a gal who lived near that I dated for a short time to family times with my wife and kids at a chain ice cream shop which specialized in shakes of 30+ flavors so we played ‘Mystery Milkshake” with the kids. It was a great game where I ordered the milkshakes out of their sight then brought them back without telling them what I got them and they all had guess what the flavor of the day was. They loved the game and my wife and I loved listening to them guess and comment about each other’s guess.

    Thanks for bringing back such a great flow of milkshake memories.

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      1. You got me thinking too. Perhaps I should write them up more formally and create an essay as part of my Dime-of-Time story collection.
        Astrid, do you read fiction? I’ve all but completed my collection of stories of growing up and am switching to creating fictional short stories. I allow myself to create slightly longer pieces but the longest is still only 4000 words (~ 20 minutes to read for most readers). I’m looking for new readers because my normal group of readers don’t read as much fiction.
        My collection is not large yet, but if interested I’d love to share them with you.

        Here’s a sample: https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/teeter-totter-floor-boards/

        I hope you give it/them a try and that you find them both thoughtful and entertaining.

        Regardless – blessings my friend.

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  6. What a fun post. We could share iced coffee in the heat. 🙂
    My hubby made a side stop to pick up peaches on our way home from Illinois. It was Alabama rather than Georgia but they were so good fresh picked.
    Thanks for sharing and have a good week!

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    1. Oh that’s so good that your hubby got you freshly-picked peaches. I don’t think peaches grow here in the Netherlands. Thank you for stopping by.


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