It’s Been Three Months

Today, it’s been three months since the day center closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown. A few days earlier, we’d already been advised not to get visitors at the care facility, but the no-visiting rule didn’t take effect till March 25. Over at Mama’s Losin’ It, Kat asks us in one of her writing prompts this week how we’re doing three months into lockdown.

Of course, the restrictions are slowly being lifted. As of May 21, we’re allowed two visitors, ideally from the same household. They still need to maintain distancing, can’t have physical contact with us and can’t enter the care homes.

I found out yesterday that more restrictions may be lifted as of June 26. I already arranged for my parents to come visit me on the 26th, as my staff said this was okay even though my mother-in-law will be visiting me on the 25th and my husband on the 27th. I guess they’re being less strict as it’s my birthday on the 27th.

The new rules, if they take effect on the 26th, would allow limited outside activities, such as visits with family. Then again, a lot is still uncertain and is left up to the specific homes’ staff and management. Regardless, the day center won’t fully reopen till October.

I’m doing pretty well amidst the lessening restrictions. I mean, I’m really excited but also a bit anxious about possibly being allowed to go home to Lobith again. It’d be cool if I could have a real birthday celebration even if it isn’t right on the 27th.

With respecct to the day center, I’m happy it won’t reopen fully till October. I feel a lot more comfortable getting day activities in my own home, where I can retreat into my room. I also think I get more support now. I really hope a way will be found for me to retain a similar level of support once we return to the day center.

It’s interesting that, with quarantine having lasted for three months and still a lot of restrictions remaining, I hardly ever think of COVID-19 or the lockdown. Last week, another writing prompt I came across was about quarantine and I couldn’t think of what to write for it. Several people I know were tested for coronavirus recently, but I readily assumed they would be negative (and they were).

Other than that, we don’t shake hands and keep our distance whenever possible. That will likely continue for a long time still. generally though, I’m going with the flow, as they say.

Of course, I’m happy I can see my husband and family again. I’m also still very happy that this thing didn’t happen last year, because then I’d have to stay at home alone for so many months. Remember, the day center won’t reopen till October. Now this feels comforting. Last year, this definitely wouldn’t have been the case.

Mama’s Losin’ It

10 thoughts on “It’s Been Three Months

  1. It’s good you’ll get to see more of your family soon and that you aren’t overly thinking about Covid. I think I’d like it more too, to do day activities at home, it feels more comfortable indeed that you can leave if you ever need.

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  2. Probably for the best that the day center isn’t opening fully until October. I’m in Alabama, where the state is pretty much open. Some places can only open to half capacity, and there are no mask laws in place, though social distancing is enforced in many places and masks ARE required in many places. While there are a ton of people who won’t adhere to the safety suggestions, I’m glad there are many who are doing everything they can to protect themselves and others. I keep reading about a second, worse wave coming since we didn’t flatten the curve enough here, and I dread that.


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    1. That sounds so scary indeed! Here, places are slowly reopening but masks are required if you can’t keep your distance, such as on public transportation. Here’s hoping for no second wave.

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  3. You have a positive attitude regarding this virus pandemic, I give you much credit!

    I’ve tried to focus on what’s important and avoid much of the drama/hysteria from people, as much as possible. There isn’t much about this situation that we can change but we can be proactive until the powers-that-be come up with a clear solution that doesn’t send people running for shelter. Again.

    Right now, as salons reopen here in New York, too many clients are not behaving well, determined to get what they’ve been missing and ignoring mandated safety guidelines business owners must follow.

    Stay safe!

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    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes, it’s so true people are often not keeping safety in mind when they go for what they want. Honstly, neither am I in some respects. For example, I don’t wear a face mask when I can’t keep my distance from people, such as visitors or staff.

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  4. I really feel for people who are home alone during all of this. I think I would feel really lonely if I didn’t have at least one other person to interact with. I need to be more like you and stop thinking about it so much. I feel like if I’m on my computer I just can’t escape the topic. I hope you have a happy birthday!

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