Gratitude List (May 16, 2020) #TToT

Goodnight everyone. It’s past 11PM here and I can’t sleep. I’m feeling rather hopeless. To cheer myself up, I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful. It feels like forever since I last did a gratitude list, even though I did one two weeks ago. Anyway, here goes.

1. Spotify playlists. I already mentioned the Cardio playlist on Thursday. Today, I discovered the Harp Music for Sleep playlist. It wasn’t created by Spotify staff, but whoever created it is awesome! I just tried falling asleep to it. That didn’t work yet, but it definitely helped me relax.

2. Lorazepam. As we speak, I’m recovering from a rather bad crisis. After an hour-long crying fit, I finally asked the staff to give me a PRN lorazepam and it helps at least a little.

3. Dancing. I mentioned this already on Thursday. Today I was in a rather low place and felt like lying in bed all day. I did manage to fit some dancing in though.

4. Pretty good food this past week. I had boiled potatoes only once and the pasta with tuna sauce I had today was truly delicious.

5. Whipped cream custard. To top it off, we had whipped cream custard for dessert today.

6. Insight Timer. Like I said earlier today, I plan on making meditation part of my daily routine. I listened to a body love meditation this evening. The instructor’s voice was a little off to me, but it was a great meditation.

7. A lovely card. Last Thursday, I got another card from the friend who lives in another home in our care facility. She had previously given me an Easter card. Now the card had written in it that she hopes to see me soon. (For context: due to COVID-19, we are currently only allowed to interact with clients and staff for our own homes.) The card was handmade and truly lovely. I will send her one (though not handmade) probably tomorrow.

8. Possibly seeing my husband soon. Currently, we are not allowed visitors at all due to COVID-19. Management though has said they’ll work out a plan on visiting next week. This may mean we need to see our visitors in an assigned room and may need to keep our distance, but anything is better than no visits at all.

This is all I can come up with right now, but it already helps. What have you been thankful for lately?

16 thoughts on “Gratitude List (May 16, 2020) #TToT

  1. The harp music sounds very peaceful.
    Whipped cream custard is something I would enjoy too! I think custard is something people either really love or just can’t stand it.
    Unexpected cards from friends can be a real pick-me-up.
    Hope you have a good week ahead.

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. I don’t care for all sorts of custard, but the whipped cream one is definitely delicious! The harp music is great too.


  2. Spotify is frequently a life saver for me when it comes to sleep, these days. I have it turned quietly on most nights, usually just listening to music from some random artist I like, but I also love all those sleep and relaxation playlists, and since harp is my most most favourite instrument that I can never get enough of, I love to listen to it particularly much before and while sleeping, and have done it a lot lately too.
    God bless PRN medication, haha.
    I loooove whipped cream. I’ve never had custard, it’s not really a thing here, though I guess I would like it if I tried it, but whipped cream in general is delicious.
    It’s so very nice to get cards.
    It would be great if you could finally see your husband in the near future, I bet you both must really miss each other.

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. Yes, I love all the different playlists on Spotify. As for custard, I think what they call custard in the UK is thicker than what I had. I’m often lost in translation where it comes to food. I love whipped cream though, but the kind they have in Germany is usually not as sweet as the kind we have here. Never been to Poland so can’t compare.

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      1. Ooh yes food translation can be so tricky since there are so many products and dishes that are similar to each other and there are so many differences even in countries with relatively similar cultures and not far away from each other, I often get things wrong in this department as well. What we have here that is closest to custard is a thing called budyń which is similar to the English custard in thickness and comes in different flavours and usually is eaten warm, but actually its name is often translated to English as pudding because they come from the same root word. But I don’t think the actual custard, whether the thicker or thinner one is used commonly here.
        I’ve only eaten whipped cream in Poland so can’t compare it really either, the more that I’ve mostly had home-made whipped cream and my Mum makes it really sweet, you can’t eat a lot of it or you’ll feel queasy haha.

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        1. Thanks so much for explaining. Yes, I had a conversation on here with someone a week or two ago about the meaning of porridge vs. oatmeal. It does show how many dishes are named differently in different countries.

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  3. COVID-19 has certainly influenced life, hasn’t it? I’m so sorry that you haven’t been able to visit with your husband, and I hope that changes soon.
    I’m glad you were able to join the TToT again this week; no matter how many items I list (mine was a short list this week, too), I always find I feel better after writing them down. I’m glad it’s the same for you.
    Hope you have a good week ahead!

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Yeah well, I don’t seem to acknowledge the effects of COVID-19 nearly as much as some other bloggers. I mean, I hardly ever write about it now. That may be putting my head in the sand though. Anyway I’m glad you were able to come up with some thankfuls too and it helped you feel better as well.


  4. Hey Astrid! Good to hear/read from you.
    Don’t eat much ‘real’ food, but, as a kid I used to love tuna fish sandwiches (especially, when my mother put tiny, little bits of celery in it)….and as an adult, tune casserole.
    The Covid is surely a part of a surprisingly strange year, this 2020.
    Trust you will be well.

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  5. I hope they can figure out a way for you to have visitors! Surely they can do something.
    I like tuna noodle casserole, especially with peas in it.
    I don’t use Spotify as much as I do Pandora. I have a Sara Bareilles station that I like to listen to at night when I can’t sleep. It’s very soothing to me.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. I really hope they’ll find a way for me to see my husband indeed.

      I don’t think Pandora is available here. Glad you like it though.


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