How COVID-19 Changed My Outlook on 2020

Yes, I’ve said it before, but can you believe it’s May already? Four months have passed since the beginning of 2020. Time flies when you’re having fun, they say. Well, time also flies (and drags at the same time) when in a pandemic. Today I’m joining in with Finish the Sentence Friday (which is open all week), for which the question this week is how the pandemic changed your word of the year.

In January, I chose the word Wellbeing as my word of the year for 2020. I was at the time already a bit angsty about it, as I was in a bit of a hypochondriac phase and thought that if I chose this word, I’d die this year or something. Some kind of reverse law of attraction.

Still, so far, my word is still pretty true. I am taking preventative measures to hopefully keep the coronavirus out of my body. Just yesterday, my staff started taking everyone’s temp twice daily with a no-contact thermometer. Since the virus hit the home below mine, I have been a little more scared. At the same time, I still often avoid thinking about the pandemic too much. Actually, I realize that, as the month of April continued, I included fewer and fewer references to the pandemic in my posts.

I had a few hopes for 2020 too. The first one was to keep my marriage strong. I felt I needed to learn to travel to my husband for this, as I thought ultimately living apart wouldn’t be very good for our marriage otherwise. While I still feel I need to learn to travel to him independently once the crisis is over, I have learned that our marriage can survive a time of not seeing each other. It’s hard, but it’s doable.

Honestly, I must say the pandemic has given me a clearer focus on what matters most. I try to appreciate my husband more. After all, he isn’t a given. One day one of us might catch the virus. Besides, we can’t see each other now and it isn’t altogether logical that a marriage survives this.

On my other goals, I did pretty well so far. I’m actually loving it. I don’t know whether the crisis is the reason I’m doing so well, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the factors.

10 thoughts on “How COVID-19 Changed My Outlook on 2020

  1. I’m so glad your word was/is “Wellbeing.” A reminder to “stay the course” and be well, in all the ways that are in your control. Very best to you and your journey. ❤

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  2. I feel like you also chose a word that you’d have no idea how much it would be tested/valid/etc. As you know, mine was “drive.”
    I often wonder what it would be like to be far apart from my husband. Our relationship started as a long distance, cross country relationship and that was hard. Since we got back together we’ve been in the same home for over a decade now, except for maybe 10 days of travel here and there.

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    1. Yeah, it’s hard. My husband and I met in 2007 and never lived together until 2017, even though we got married in 2011. However, he visited me at least once or twice a week during all those years. Now it’s different as I cannot have visitors due to COVID-19.


  3. I’m so glad you’re doing well. It sounds like the pandemic has given you a lot of time to focus on what’s important and self-care. Stay healthy and well, and I sure hope you’ll be able to see your husband soon!

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  4. That is such a great word choice for a lot of reasons. It is definitely scary when the virus hits close to home – whether literally or figuratively. I agree that being aware and appreciative of what/who we have is so important because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Thanks for your thoughts!

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