More of Jesus

Today, I am joining in with Five Minute Friday (FMF), for which the word today is “More”. I regularly read the posts from other bloggers there, but rarely join in, as I”m not a practising Christian. I do believe in God, but am generally a lot more progressive than most Christians and do not like the practical requirements and political implications of organized religion. This feels odd to me sometimes. I crave spiritual guidance.

I found out through Five Minute Friday today about Betsy Cruz’s Book More of God and the title struck a chord.

I want more of God. I want more of a spiritual life. I feel I should be engaging in meditation and prayer more, but I don’t.

I also feel I want to connect to other believers more, but feel generally left out because I’m too progressive. I was kicked out of an apparently conservative Christian blogging community when I mentioned (without condoning it) the possibility of connecting to a higher power other than God in a post on my old blog. I felt sad about that, so I got angry with the Christian blogosphere and by extension with christianity as a whole. I wanted no more Jesus. But yet I do.

Jesus didn’t kick me out of that community. He loves me (and I’m sorry if this gets me kicked out of FMF too) even if I don’t follow the rules of conservative Christianity. He can and does help me find inspiration in life. I want more of Him.

5 thoughts on “More of Jesus

  1. Thank you for your beautiful and brave post. Yes, I so want more, too!

    Thank you for your vulnerability. I can’t imagine the pain of being kicked out of Christian blogging community by the very people who try to proclaim Christ. I wasn’t part of that group, but I (unfortunately) have probably inadvertently done the same to others. On behalf of them, I’m sorry. Together let’s press in for more of Jesus.

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    1. Thanks so very much for your encouraging comment. I understand people don’t want Christian spaces to promote other belief systems, but I meant for that post to be inclusive while remaining true to God.


      1. I get it. I honestly don’t believe in a higher power other than God/Jesus, but I also believe that God isn’t threatened as we venture on the journey of faith and try figuring out what we believe. In other words, if God isn’t threatened by people exploring and trying to discover more of him, then why should I be?

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  2. Thanks for your post. I think Jesus and politicised Christian religion are very separate and I also have a problem with it. That doesn’t stop my faith in Christ who I want to guide and direct me.

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