Weekly Gratitude List (August 24, 2018) #TToT

Wow, it’s Friday again! Time flies! This means it’s time for me to write my weekly gratitude list. Here goes.

1. The fact that I did in fact exercise everyday last week. Thhat means I broke a record! I could go this far this week again, as so far I’ve been doing some exercise-worthy moving each day of the week.

2. An even longer walk last Monday. The staff who’s gettinb back into work was at our day activities group again last Monday. This time, we walked for over an hour. I loved it.

3. Finding a cool Turkish shop in the nearby city. This city is called “the capital of Turkey” by people from the surrounding area. I went grocery shopping in the city on Monday with my support worker, because the next town’s supermarket, which is closer by my house than the city’s, had sold me rotten blackberries on Friday. The supermarket visit wasn’t too much of a success, but I hope to be able to get more delicious fruit at the Turkish shop next time.

4. A very good psychiatrist’s appointment last Tuesday. It still has me in awe, as I felt so thoroughly validated.

5. Having made delicious toast with cheese, salami, tomato and pesto at day activities on Wednesday. It was a little chaotic, but still it was a lot of fun.

6. A lie-in yesterday. My support coordinator wouldn’t be here till 3PM and I had no other obligations, so I slept in till past 11AM.

7. Being able to discuss my wishes with the day activities staff. Today, the day activities coordinator had heard about my enjoying the long walks. Because this extra staff who took me this week will eventually go back to her own group and no longer be extra, the coordinator offered to try to find me a volunteer. That’d be so cool.

We also discussed my creative endeavors. The day center have a stand at the town’s Christmas fair each year and they make crafty things for that. I got talking about all my creative endeavors, like jewelry-making and soap making. I may try to get some of these things going at day activities.

Linking up with Ten Things of Thankful again.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude List (August 24, 2018) #TToT

  1. Good work on the continued walking! (For me it’s usually not starting exercising, it continuing the (exercising)… after a while it becomes a routine and a part of the day (or so I am told…lol))
    Christmas! ayiiee! still months away but still… I fear summer does not have long.

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  2. Huge congratulations on the walking!! I’ve been about 8 weeks going on daily ones myself (have only missed a handful of days). It does feel good 😀 Over an hour? Now that’s a walk! Fingers crossed for a volunteer who’s as much into exercise as your last person.
    Jewelry making and soap making sound like wonderful creative outlets.

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  3. What a great list! You are making some fantastics strides, literally and figuratively.
    Walks not only help one physically, but all the sights and sounds one sees and hears along the way can be such a boost to one’s spirit. Good for you in trying to get some of the creative ventures going!

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