Monday’s Music Moves Me (September 7, 2020): Truck Driver Songs

Hi everyone on this mixed Monday, Labor Day in the United States. It isn’t here, as Labor Day in Europe is May 1. I’m really uninspired to write, but still want to get something onto the blog. For this reason, I’m for the first time in forever participating in Monday’s Music Moves Me. The theme is a freebie, but I’m uninspired for a topic too, so thought I’d choose Labor Day anyway. Since my husband is a truck driver, I then thought to share some songs celebrating the labor of trucking. Here goes.

This would absolutely never happen to my husband. He is an excellent truck driver. That is, sometimes the transport planners send him down an impossible route. He had that happen today. Thankfully, he flat out refused to go there.

This doesn’t happen to my husband either, as nowadays truck drivers don’t have to change the tires on their trucks. I love this song though. My husband introduced me to Tom Astor before he was a truck driver himself. I enjoy his songs more now than does my husband.

Okay, it gets boring. This doesn’t happen to my husband either, as he’s a national driver, which in the Netherlands means he gets home at night. Dave Dudley was introduced to me through Truck Stop, a German country band whose members admire him. I even reckon Dave Dudley is more popular, relatively speaking, in Hamburg than in the United States.

That’s it for now. I’m off to bed soon. Have a great evening or night.

Laura’s Song Challenge (October 21, 2019)

Oh my, and once again I didn’t write much at all in the past week. A lot is on my mind, but I can’t seem to put fingers to keyboard to express it.

I first heard of Laura’s Weekly Song Challenge many weeks ago, but could never seem to find songs that matched each of the three themes. Today I can. I wasn’t tagged, but Laura invites everyone who wants to consider themselves tagged. So here goes.

1. Post a song that has either in title or lyrics the name of a state in the US.

2. Post a song that either in the title or lyrics the name of a town.

3. Post a song that either in title or lyrics has the name of a country or continent.

I originally thought that this last song was also by Truck Stop. It isn’t, but it is on the same CD my husband used to play in the car a ton of times in like 2012. I love most of the songs on that CD. I don’t know whether any of these have captions or lyrics attached, and I personally don’t understand all of the lyrics either. Even if you don’t understand enough German to get the lyrics, I wish you lots of fun listening to these songs.

I am not tagging anyone, as everyone I’d consider is already tagged, but if you read this and would like to participate, please do.