Currently (May 2023)

Hi everyone. I remember joining in with Currently every once in a while way back many years ago, but then the person who used to host the meme discontinued it and I never found it again. Now, I’ve rediscovered it. The Currently linky is a meme in which we share what we’re currently up to based on five monthly verb prompts. Here goes.

First up is smoothie making. I am loving experimenting with ingredients, such as instant coffee and cocoa powder. One smoothie, in which I added just a little (or a lot!) too much instant coffee, turned out rather bad. One of my fellow residents still claimed she loved it though. We’re not officially allowed to give each other things, but since I just can’t make just one smoothie serving and she’s the one who enjoys my smoothies most, I make sure to consider her first when I have some left over.

Next are my tactile dice. I had and probably still have them at my and my husband’s house in Lobith but they’re probably down in some junk closet, so I decided to order new ones. I have been loving playing the game of yahtzee with the same fellow resident.

I will be going clothes shopping with my staff tomorrow and am kind of imagining how that will be going, both positively and negatively.

I just had lunch when I started writing this post, so nothing at that moment. Now that I’m finishing up this post at 3PM, I’m craving white chocolate. I just hit my lowest weight since my wedding (in 2011) this morning and am really pleased with it though.

To find a more suitable care home. It’s been really hectic here at my current care home and I’m pretty sure the powers-that-be are testing my limits. For those visiting from the linky: I reside at a care home for people with mild intellectual disability and significant challenging behavior. I am supposed to get one-on-one support for most of the day, but this often doesn’t happen because others need or are supposed to need more care. I finally got the okay to be looking for another care home last March, but of course this can be a long process.

Smoothie recipes, of course. I downloaded several smoothie recipe collection books off Bookshare, the accessible book service for the blind or dyslexic. I don’t have all the ingredients for any one smoothie, unfortunately, but like I said, I’m trying to experiment.

8 thoughts on “Currently (May 2023)

    1. Thank you. Yes, I really enjoy making smoothies. Unfortunately, the care home’s blender broke down this evening when I was making my smoothie, so I’ll have to either wait till the staff decide to get a new one or order one myself.


  1. Experimenting with different smoothie recipes sound delicious. I always seem to crave something sweet mid afternoon too and have been trying to head that off with some fruit or something sweet-ish but healthy. My downfall tends to be dark chocolate. I hope you find a great care home that can give you all the support you need.

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  2. It sounds fun to experiment with the smoothie flavors. I would have expected the addition of coffee to be good, but perhaps the quantity matters. I hope you’re able to find another care home that is a perfect fit for you!

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, adding a little coffee did produce a lovely flavor, but indeed it’s the quantity that matters. As for the care home, I don’t believe in the perfect fit, but I do really hope I can move to a place that’s at least somewhat more suitable than this one.


    1. Maybe then you just don’t like the texture of smoothies. Everyone is different, so it’s totally okay. I can never seem to get them to the right thickness, but I do like the taste.


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