How I Like to Spend My Weekends

Hi everyone. Today I’m participating in Sadje’s Sunday Poser. She asks us whether, on weekends, we like to relax at home or prefer to go out. Since I prefer a combination of both, let me share how I usually like to spend my weekends.

On Saturday, most weekends, I stay at the institution (I still can’t really bring myself to call it staying “at home”). My day schedule isn’t any different then from other days, except that we get a treat with our coffee and soda and chips in the evening. I don’t tend to lie in on Saturdays either, because I feel it’d disrupt my circadian rhythm. Which, to be honest, is quite disrupted as it is from the naps I do take. This is not just a Saturday thing though.

Like I’ve probably mentioned before, my day schedule consists of activity slots intertwined with times when I don’t have support. During my activity slots, I usually go for walks, play card games or occasionally do some crafts. During my times without support, I prefer to chill out on my bed with some music on (which usually leads to me falling asleep) or to read.

Sundays are the exciting part of my week, as my husband then visits me. He generally arrives here at around 1PM. Most weekends, we drive to Apeldoorn to go to Backwerk, where we eat a sandwich or baguette. We also usually take a stroll through the city and go to Hema, a department store which is my husband’s favorite. Sometimes, we’ll go to other stores too. I usually arrive back at the institution at around 3:15PM.

Every once in a while, I’ll go to Lobith to spend the weekend. Usually in that case, my husband picks me up on Saturday at around 3PM and I am back at the institution on Sunday around noon. Even though I usually take my laptop with me, lately I haven’t really used it at all, as we were so comfortable relaxing on the couch together that I didn’t feel a need to retreat upstairs.

As for what I prefer, I really wish there were some difference in my day schedule between weekdays and weekends, but this somehow isn’t possible. Other than that, I like the combination of relaxing in my room and going out with my husband.

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