The Wednesday HodgePodge (April 5, 2023)

Hi everyone. It’s time for the Wednesday HodgePodge once again and I’m giving it a try. Last week, I was scared away by the challenge of writing a limerick. I hope my participating in the hodgepodge today doesn’t mean I won’t have energy left for my #AtoZChallenge post later this evening. We’ll just see.

1. What would you say is the most difficult task when it comes to spring cleaning? Have you completed that task this year? Any plans to get it done?
Uhm, I don’t do spring cleaning or most cleaning at all for that matter, but when I still did my own cleaning back in the independence training home in 2006-2007, I thought windows were the hardest. I tried them exactly once in the 18 months I lived there and the staff agreed it’d be best to hire someone to do those for me. Another task I hated was cleaning out kitchen cupboards. I don’t have those here, but I seriously need to give the cupboards and closets I do have a good wipe down.

2. Your favorite pastel color? Favorite thing you own in a pastel shade?
My favorite pastel color is probably lilac, although I love all pastel colors really. I don’t own any pastels in my clothing as far as I’m aware, but I do own several pastel shades of polymer clay. The one I use most often is pastel aqua Fimo.

3. Do you like ham? Do you fix ham year round or is it mostly just a “holiday food”? Baked ham-ham and eggs-ham and cheese sandwich-scalloped potatoes and ham-Hawaiian pizza….what’s your pleasure?
I don’t really like ham, but it isn’t like I dislike it either. It’s not specifically a holiday food here. My favorite food that includes ham would be a Hawaiian pizza.

4. Do you celebrate Easter? What did Easter look like when you were a kid? What are your plans for Easter this year?
I don’t celebrate Easter. I mean, we might have some treats here at the care home and I’ve heard the living room was decorated for it, but it’s not like I go to church. Never been, in fact. I grew up atheist, so while we’d paint eggs and go on an Easter egg hunt, the story of Jesus’ resurrection wasn’t really familiar to me.

5. Something that makes you feel hopeful amidst all the chaos and confusion this world brings?
I am not sure how to answer this question, as I realize most hodgepodge’ers are Christians and I am not. I am not even sure what I do believe in. I mean, I am certainly not an atheist, but I have let go of my belief in the God of the Bible. Now is not the time for me to go into my reasons why, as I don’t want to offend my Christian fellow hodgepodge’ers.

However, to answer the question, I do believe that, ultimately, things will work out. I sometimes cynically joke that things will work out in 2034, referring in a kind of twisted way to the book by that title that claims World War III will start then. Seriously though, I do believe in some higher power, which I’m not sure yet what to call, by which everything is connected and will ultimately fall into place as it should be.

Other than that, the small joys I experience each day remind me that there’s still hope in the world.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
I’ve been in my current care home for exactly six months today and am hopeful it won’t be much longer, as there have been a lot of crises lately. Today, however, so far, is a pretty good day. Let me focus on that!

14 thoughts on “The Wednesday HodgePodge (April 5, 2023)

  1. Hello,
    I thank you for sharing your heart with us. This world gets very confusing.
    Your attitude to look for JOY makes me smile.

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  2. I like your attitude of focusing on the good things for today. Focusing on what’s good is a positive way to have more joy and hope. I am praying for you, that wherever you are in your belief journey, you continue to head in the right direction.

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  3. It’s okay to not be sure what you believe in, most people if they are honest have no idea why we are all here and how we got here! The universe is so vast there is obviously more to Life than our little lives, but we can carry on appreciating all the little things good in our lives.

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  4. Yes, windows are the hardest but my kitchen cabinets, when I get to them, is going to be terrible to do. I’ve never had an Hawaiian pizza but I too am not a big fan of ham. You are entitled to have your own beliefs. I pray that things work out for you in your place and that hopefully you can move somewhere else. Take care and Happy Easter.

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    1. Thanks for your supportive comment. Re the transparency, yeah well, I could have lied, but then I wouldn’t have been true to myself either.


  5. I appreciate your openness about so many things. I think being real here on the blog makes having a blog more meaningful. One thing I’ve always liked about the Hodgepodge is people in general here are friendly and gentle. If there’s ever a question you don’t feel like answering you can skip (like the limerick). Continue to look for the positive…I think it’s the best way to go through life. Hope you have a nice week!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. These mean so much to me. Yes, I agree, the people participating in the Hodgepodge are generally very friendly.


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