I’m Participating in the #AtoZChallenge Again This Year!

Okay, with my blogging not having been all that successful over the past several months, maybe this is really a stupid idea, but I’m wanting to participate in the #AtoZChallenge again. For those who don’t know, this is a challenge in April in which bloggers write 26 posts during the month, each based on one letter of the alphabet.

The theme reveal event opened last Sunday, so I’m writing to let you know what I think will be my theme for the challenge. I will, like last year and the year before, choose a broad theme that I might decide to narrow down during the challenge. My theme for this year is disability. I’m probably mostly going to focus on developmental disabilities, including but not limited to autism. I did the challenge on autism specifically once on my old blog. While that was a success, I want to have the option of writing on broader topics. I may also want to write about long-term care as it relates to disability. I was for a moment considering “life in long-term care” as my theme, but I can’t think of enough topics to write on relating to that.

Most of my posts will fall under the “Awareness” category, while some may be more suited to the “Advocacy” category. I will attempt to keep my posts relatively accessible. Hope you’ll follow along.

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