The Wednesday HodgePodge (December 28, 2022)

Hi everyone. It’s the last Wednesday of 2022, so I’m joining Joyce for the Wednesday HodgePodge. Here goes.

1. Did you set any goals for the new year this time last year? Did you meet them or miss the mark? Tell us more if you’re comfortable sharing.
I don’t set goals. Instead, I call them hopes. That removes the pressure, but they’re pretty much the same. I shared my hopes for 2022 on January 1. For the most part, I sort of reached them early on but completely started falling off course after the move to my current care home. I’m slowly getting back on track.

2. What are three words that might describe the kind of person you were this past year or describe in some way how your life looked?
Transition, stress, creativity.

3. What’s something new you ate, saw, heard, or experienced in 2022? What did you think?
This year was a massively transitional year, since I experienced the move to what I thought would be my dream care home but initially turned into a nightmare. It’s slowly starting to get better though. As a result, I experienced many new things. A tiny one is the fact that I ate mash for the first time in a looong while.

4. Oxford Dictionary has announced it’s word of the year for 2022, and it’s this-goblin mode. Huh? Have you ever heard this phrase? Used this phrase?
No, never heard of it until now. Consequently, I have no idea what it means and honestly don’t know whether I want to know. Oh wait, no, I don’t want to find out, as I just saw that Joyce had the definition written out and I skipped over it. Or maybe now I do want to find out.

If you were in charge, what word would you declare word of the year for 2022?
Russification, if that’s a word in English too (it is in Dutch). We need to be aware of what’s happening in Ukraine and especially the parts of it completely under Russian control, like Mariupol.

5. Any special plans for an end of year celebration in your house or town? The travel channel says the world’s best New Year’s Eve celebrations will happen in Copacabana Beach-Rio de Janeiro, the Orlando theme parks in Florida, London, Sydney, New York’s Time Square, Edinburgh Scotland, and Paris. If you could attend any one of these which would you choose? Tell us why?
I will be going to Lobith for New Year’s . My husband just ordered a waffle maker online so that we can make waffles then. He also said he bought Airfryer snacks.

If I had to choose any of these destinations to visit during New Year’s, it’d be Sydney because it’s summer there right now. Then again, I don’t have any desire to visit there otherwise. I would like to go to Edinburgh someday, but not in winter.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
I’m probably going to end the year on a positive note, as my support coordinator returned from her vacation yesterday and did part of my one-on-one this evening. That’s not the positive news. The positive news is the fact that she said my day schedule is good as it is.

16 thoughts on “The Wednesday HodgePodge (December 28, 2022)

  1. Russification is definitely an English word, Astrid.

    There are a lot of things that are Russified at the moment.

    [it made me think of Finlandisation].

    I was interested when you said you would visit Sydney for the summer.

    [there are a few Sydneysiders who visit your blog like Denyse].

    Checking what Joyce has to say about *goblin mode*, Astrid.

    I think the key to Goblin Mode is to be less apologetic or “unashamedly unapologetic”. That would be my key, anyway.

    I liked the way the Collins dictionary went with permacrisis.

    And the Cambridge Dictionary’s word of the year was HOMER.

    Best wishes with the waffle maker. Went to Instagram and the Bearded Behaviourist shared – “I love you a waffle lot”.

    [he had an audio with a Waffle joke].

    We will find the Lake Superior Banished Words tomorrow or at the beginning of 2023.

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    1. Ah, I had no idea what those other dictionaries chose as word of the year for 2022. I’ll have to look up the Dutch main dictionary’s word of the year too. I just googled it and it was chosen by the public too and was some climate-related word I’d never heard of. I mean, back in 2020 it was “1.5 metre society” (not sure how to write it in English, it’s one word without digits in Dutch). At least I’d heard of that.


      1. Ah, the social distancing!

        We did need one simple concise word – and if it meant borrowing from other tongues to do it; English would do it.

        Would love to find this Dutch word from 2020.

        And the climate-related word.

        Just read a really cool book about the climate crisis called HUMANITY’S MOMENT – by Joëlle Gergis.

        She uses art as a way of recalibrating herself and journalling as a means of reflection.

        The public do choose some good words – often there are 30 or 50 or 100 on the hustings [among the list of choices] in different fields like sport or art or computing.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think there should’ve been a more concise term for social distancing indeed, but the Dutch term was even more complicated.

          Thanks for pointing out that book, it sounds fascinating.


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