Gratitude List (October 7, 2022) #Blogtober22

Hi everyone. It’s Friday, which usually means the Ten Things of Thankful linky is live. It isn’t yet as of the time of this writing, but if it will be live tomorrow, I’ll link this post up regardless. After all, I really want to do a gratitude post. It so happens that today’s prompt in #Blogtober22 is gratitude. Let me share.

1. I am grateful I was able to see most of my staff from my old care home and give them something from my shelf of handmade items before I moved here on Wednesday. I left the things that hadn’t been picked yet to be distributed among staff I didn’t get an opportunity to see.

2. I am grateful for delicious French fries on Sunday. Okay, it was my idea and I paid for them, but I am grateful the staff were willing to drive to my favorite snack corner in Raalte to get them.

3. I am grateful that the one client at my old care home who can talk a little, came by my room once it downed upon him that I was leaving. He gave me a candy bar and started to cry a little. I am grateful I was able to comfort him.

4. I am grateful for all the nice goodbye presents I got from the home and day center. I still don’t have pictures, but will show you once I do. Among other things, I got a giraffe soft toy and a framed collage containing photos of me.

5. I am grateful that, on Wednesday, the staff who were going to help me move were in the home early. After all, I woke up at around 7AM and am so glad I could get help then.

6. I am grateful my new staff don’t leave me alone for prolonged periods of time. In my old care home, it had been determined that I could be left alone for up to 45 minutes at a time, and this sometimes got prolonged to several hours if staff just popped their heads around the door when the 45-minute timeframe was up. I indicated pretty early on that, now that I don’t know my way around the home, I think 45 minutes is too long. Thankfully, the staff are able to accommodate me.

7. I am grateful for nice chatter with my fellow residents at the new home. I am also grateful for several clients from other homes who greeted me and started talking to me on my walks.

8. I am grateful my call button works after all. It didn’t work the first day in my new home, but yesterday, it got fixed.

9. I am grateful for home-cooked meals. Even for me, a rather picky eater, I think the staff are able to cook quite good meals, better at least than the meal delivery service ones. On Wednesday, I even at one point wanted to try some mash, which I normally can’t stand. I eventually decided against it though.

10. I am grateful a fellow client at my new home, who is into St. Nicholas, gave me a candy mouse this afternoon. This is a typical St. Nicholas treat. It was such a sweet gesture.

What are you grateful for?

24 thoughts on “Gratitude List (October 7, 2022) #Blogtober22

  1. Those sound great!

    I’m grateful it’s Friday and this long work week is over. It was a little stressful and my back hurt more than usual. I have a fun event planned for each weekend day, so I’m looking forward to getting off work soon and going home!

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  2. That’s a positive way of thinking, Astrid.
    And what I am thankful for?
    I’m thankful for being alive, for having a roof over y head, a warm
    apartment, a loving husband, people around me to whom I can talk and who
    will talk to me and take me as I am; for being able to go to the
    shopping-center by myself and a few other routes that I learned
    recently; thankful to be able to give love and to be able to reach out
    to others; that I still can eat what I like; being able to go on
    holiday; etc etc. 1000 reasons to be thankful!

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  3. I’m so glad to hear of all the positives!

    I’m grateful that I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for my workload and can’t wait to have it all DONE when I go out for surgery.

    I’m beyond grateful my surgery is less than 60 days away.

    I’m grateful HR approved my request to work from home until then, as getting out of my car is excruciating, and that my leaders are so understanding and accommodating.

    I’m grateful to know YOU and I thank you for this reminder of all the good in my life.


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  4. This is a lovely gratitude list. Can tell you were well thought of at your old home and will be missed. You seem to be settling in well and how lovely to have been given little gifts. I’m so glad you will not be left alone for long periods, that you can enjoy a nice hat with other residents and that the call button got fixed. Today, I am grateful that it’s the weekend and the sun is shining xxx

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  5. Such a great post. Love your optimism and finding details to be grateful for. I’m grateful for the time I get to myself while my son is at school. I’m grateful my son has people who love him and would do anything for him. I’m grateful for my morning coffee and Autumn.

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