My New Home? #SoCS

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Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday (#SoCS) is “home”. How timely! As those who’ve read my blog over the past week or so will know, I may move to another care home in a week and a half. The choice is up to me.

It is indeed the first home that wants me, like when I applied for long-term care and landed here. Well, no, in that sense it isn’t the first. My current care home isn’t kicking me out, after all. If I don’t want to move to the prospective new home, if I don’t think it’ll feel like home to me eventually, I don’t need to.

It feels liberating to be able to make this choice. I have been able to ask quite critical questions, some of which were answered already and some of which I’m waiting on being answered soon. For one thing, I want to know about the staff/client ratio. This is important should my one-on-one ever be reduced, but also for those times when I don’t have one-on-one support. The support coordinator told me there are three staff each shift, but I’m not sure that’s just for my group of eight or for the entire home, consisting of two of these groups. I so far only saw my group’s home and that’s quite large already, so if the three staff are for the two groups of eight, that’s going to be quite difficult for me.

Other questions have been of lesser importance, such as whether they serve decaf coffee or the regular kind, whether we need to pay for treats such as chips on weekends, etc. I feel quite satisfied with most answers and am pretty positive I’m going to make the move. With my visit on Monday in addition to last Wednesday’s, I should be able to make an informed decision about whether this will be my new home.

17 thoughts on “My New Home? #SoCS

  1. Hope your ‘possible’ new home works out as a good fit for you. It’s good to ask questions and get answers right away so you can make a decision. From what you’ve said, it does sound like a nice place you can make feel like home. 🙂

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    1. Thanks a bunch, carol anne. I can make the move if I want to, the decision is entirely up to me, in that the home’s staff and management and all have already decided they want me.


  2. It’s great that you can ask questions, both the very important as well as the more detail-focused ones, and that people are willing to answer all of them, so that you can make an actually well-informed decision now that you can make it fully by yourself. I’m glad that you mostly feel positively about it.

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    1. Thanks so much. I’m getting a bit frustrated now with not having all the answers yet. As it turned out, the support coordinator now has time off, so my assigned staff sent my questions to the home’s general E-mail address. I really hope I’ll get some questions answered, particularly the one about the staffing ratio, before I get to visit again tomorrow. I mean, if whoever is going to show me round tomorrow is going to answer my questions then, I’ll probably be overloaded with info.

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