The Wednesday HodgePodge (August 24, 2022)

Hi everyone. I’m late today to write my contribution to the Wednesday HodgePodge. Joyce titles her post something about blueberry waffles, but I’m afraid I ate the last of my blueberries yesterday and I don’t have any waffles either. Oh well. Here are Joyce’s questions.

1. August 24th is National Waffle Day…what’s something you’ve “waffled” on recently?
I’m not sure what to “waffle” means exactly – and to be honest had never heard of the word “waffle” as a verb before. Then again, according to my intro to linguistics professor at uni, every noun in English can be verbed. Anyway, according to a Google search, it seems to mean to blather on about something. Which I just did, I guess. A recent topic I’ve been blathering on about though has been my Apple Watch, which I finally ordered on Sunday and have been fully using as of today.

2. Do you like waffles? Make your own or ‘leggo my Eggo? Any favorite toppings or add-ins? Waffles or pancakes-which do you prefer?
I like good homemade or bakery waffles, but don’t really care for store-bought waffles. I prefer pancakes though. For toppings, both on pancakes and waffles, I love powdered sugar, summer fruit, raisins and/or nuts.

3. Do you have any momentos from this summer (or past summers)? What do you do with them?
I don’t think I do, but once again I’m not sure what momentos are. Are they like souvenirs? In that case, no. I almost got myself something on my and my husband’s day trip to Enkhuizen last Saturday.

4. One thing you’d like to do before summer ends?
Go to the town fair. It started today with a sensory-friendly fair experience with activities such as a merry-go-round etc. I’d like to see the market stalls though, which will be there from tomorrow until Saturday. There will also be some pretty good music or so I’ve heard, but I’m likely to go tomorrow morning, because the daytime temperature is supposed to climb to 33°C.

5. Life is too short to…
Worry about my health. Oh well, how I wish I could stop actually worrying about it. Thankfully, my Apple Watch gives me some sort of sense of control.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Of course, now it’s time to brag about surpassing all three of my activity goals on my Apple Watch today, ie. movement, standing and exercise. I had set my exercise goal lower than the Apple Watch proposed, but my movement goal higher. I’m absolutely loving being able to start workouts on my Apple Watch, something I could never do on my Fitbit because the touch screen is not accessible. I so far really love this new gadget.

17 thoughts on “The Wednesday HodgePodge (August 24, 2022)

  1. Glad you are enjoying your new gadget and that it is a good motivation to keep moving. I do believe souvenirs and momentos can interchange. Glad you had a little getaway. Hope the rest of your week goes well.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I love my Apple Watch indeed. I do think the motivating factor will wear off as time goes by, but it’s good to be able to check in with myself and my fitness level.


  2. Glad you’re enjoying your new gadget and that’s my understanding of waffling too. Souvenirs and momentos can definitely be the same thing – reminders of the past. Hope you can get to the town fair and enjoy it.

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      1. Linguists have a way of using their lineage.

        So if you follow your professor’s professor and their professor, you may have a clue.

        Or if you go to PhilPapers and look up “linguistics”+”nouns”+”verbs”

        or indeed “verbal nouns” and “gerunds”

        [and their Dutch equivalents].

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    1. By the way, did you manually enter your URL into the website field? I just noticed that it ends in .clom rather than .com. I’m assuming that’s a typeo, but I haven’t checked whether it was this way with your other comments too. In any case, you may want to edit your web address on your WP profile if that’s what you’re using.


      1. Astrid:

        if I were using “my” Web address – I would have something like

        the Gravatar allows for the site I would usually use.

        Glad someone noticed .clom!

        I made another comment to “correct”.

        I DID enter it manually for the address you’re talking about…

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  3. Mementos definitely do bring in a moment or a memory.

    And the town fair sounds so cool, Astrid!

    Especially the sensory-friendly experience…

    The thing about exercise goals and movement goals…

    Apple Watches are so accessible to so many people.

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    1. I love my Apple Watch indeed! It’s very cool even now that I haven’t discovered all of its features yet. The town fair was nice indeed, though I didn’t buy anything.


      1. I was able to read about a city agricultural fair in Adelaide [South Australia]

        and the person who blogs there is a judge of all kinds of crafts and art – including decorative cakes and knitting and ceramics.

        And EGG art was mentioned as well.

        [Apples being the things they are will give all kinds of web addresses in memory – correct; incorrect; responsive and unresponsive].

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        1. Sadly, not really many arts and crafts here. There was one booth from another care agency, but other than that, they were just clothes and accessories on display.


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