My Favorite Color

A few days ago, or maybe it was even a few weeks, the daily prompt in my journaling app, Day One, was to write about your favorite color. I couldn’t think of what exactly to write at the time. Now, as I sit here and today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt stares at me, I just have to write.

Is my favorite color actually purple, you’d ask? Well, yes, it is one of my favorite colors and if I had to pick just one, it’d probably be this. I usually say I have multiple favorite colors, namely purple, blue and green. They all are represented in the six bottles of alcohol ink I ordered online earlier this week: three shades of blue, two shades of purple and a shade of greenish blue too.

Then again, with respect to clothes, I used to only wear black for many years. It was a statement, in my mind, but the statement never came across. I guess everyone thought it was just easier for me to match my clothing that way, being that I’m blind. And it was.

Now that I do wear colors, I have to say I don’t actually have anything purple in my wardrobe. I should really change that.

And I should get to crafting a purple unicorn ashtray for the male staff doing my one-on-one shifts once a week, who I overheard is leaving in October. Oh wait, he asked for a pink one. And polymer clay isn’t suitable for ashtrays anyway. But he’ll appreciate the humor.

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Color

  1. I also appreciated the ashtray humour.

    Hope you do find something purple to wear or as an accessory [like a bag or a necklace].

    Black as a statement piece/colour…

    A lot of people find that colour very sophisticated and fashionable.

    Unicorns are very pink indeed in my imagination.

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    1. The humorous aspect was about a male staff requesting a pink unicorn ashtray, in that he wasn’t serious about the pink or unicorn aspect. He saw I’d crafted a lot of unicorns though and he figured that the first thing people at least used to craft from earth clay is an ashtray, so then he said kind of jokingly that he’d like me to craft a pink unicorn ashtray. Oh wait, in that sense maybe an ashtray out of polymer clay could be somewhat of a humorous thing too.


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