The Wednesday HodgePodge (August 17, 2022)

Hi everyone. I’m joining the Wednesday HodgePodge again. Here are Joyce’s questions.

1. August is National Back To School Month…how does that make you feel? Share a back-to-school memory.
I don’t really feel much regarding back-to-school time, as I’m not in school anymore (it’s been 17 years since I graduated high school) and my nieces are too young to be in school. I’m so glad to be out of school though.

A back-to-school memory? My first day at the school for the blind I spent fourth till sixth grade at. We went to church to mark the beginning of the school year, as it was a Christian school. I found it all very strange, having never been to a church before, since my parents are atheists. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep during the service though.

2. Something you’ve learned in “the school of life”?
People who get paid to have any sort of relationship with you, won’t stick around for you, so you have no reason to stay for them either. Yes, I’m referring to my wish to transfer to another care facility here.

3. Three words to describe your current mood.
Unquiet, determined, sad.

4. A summer food you’ve eaten too much of/are tired of? A summer food you haven’t had enough of?
There isn’t any summer food I’m really tired of, though today I turned down another ice cream cone because I’d had three in the past week already. A summer food I haven’t had enough of? Summer fruit!

5. What small stuff do you sweat that you know you shouldn’t?
I tend to get very easily frustrated, so quite a lot, but lately I’ve also tried to solve small problems more rather than just not caring. An example are air bubbles in my clay. The reason that I do try to solve the problem now, is that I know how to (to an extent) rather than just having to wait for my pieces to be cured and then deciding whether they go in the trash or are just about good enough to be displayed. It’s a tricky balancing act of trying not to sweat the small stuff but also trying not to be careless.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Yesterday, we had daytime temperatures of 30°C. It isn’t expected to get this hot again anytime this year. My husband, not surprisingly, started the Christmas prep WhatsApp group with his family. He always does in mid-August. I, too, before we got to discuss this, started reading a winter-themed chapter book.

10 thoughts on “The Wednesday HodgePodge (August 17, 2022)

  1. I know it’s a good idea to shop for Christmas as the year rolls along, but I’m sure I’ll do my usual buy everything in December ha! We have a lot of fall birthdays in our family and its hard for me to think about Christmas before they’ve come and gone. I do hope your living situation improves to something you’re comfortable with.

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    1. Thanks so much for your supportive comment. We don’t do Christmas gifts in my husband’s family (or mine for that matter) and there’s really no need to plan this far ahead with our immediate families (and we don’t see our extended families). It’s just for fun that my husband starts the WhatsApp group in August.


  2. It makes me so sad to hear about people not being there for you. I have worked in nursing homes and it is hard. You do love the people you care for, but sometimes the management just makes it so miserable that you can’t stay. The homes around here are terribly understaffed and willing to overlook a lot to get enough staff. Personally, I have a hard time walking away. Last year I worked as a companion for developmentally disabled adults and I’ve stayed in touch with a few of my clients and one does a lot with my family. I hope you find someone that will be there for you.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. It isn’t necessarily the management that makes things hard here, although that may be a factor too that I’m unaware of. People can just get a new job whenever they want, because there are tons of jobs in healthcare and not enough people to work them. So when staff see an opportunity for something they feel might be a better fit for them, they will really easily be hired. I don’t blame the staff and, thankfully, my old assigned staff, who just left last month and who I really trusted, did leave me her private E-mail address, so I can contact her when I want to.


  3. Start the school with the church ? Would be impossible here, religion is a choice and not a must ! I learned during my life far more then at school !
    Thinking of Christmas in August would lead me into a depression ! I hate that period and especially this year without Rick. Autumn and winter are seasons I hate !

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    1. I feel you about fall and winter – they’re the seasons I’m most depressed too.

      As for religion in schools, we do have a choice to go to public school too, which hardly teaches anything about religion. Religious schools (which aren’t “private” as in them being expensive, they are state-funded nonetheless), can do what they want as long as they do teach the state curriculum. This school for the blind was a Christian school, but it was also one of the best schools for the blind and the one closest to where we lived. Had my parents decided to send me to a different, secular one, I would’ve needed to be a residential student and only come home on weekends.


    1. I agree. Besides, I did hear we’re supposed to get daytime temps of 30°C again next week, so it’s not even true that last Tuesday was the last hot day of the year.


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