The Wednesday HodgePodge (July 6, 2022)

Hi everyone. I’ve been struggling quite a bit over the past couple of days, which is why I haven’t been blogging. Today, I thought I’d write again, but I want to keep it relatively light-hearted, so am going with a contribution to the Wednesday HodgePodge. Here goes.

1. July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day…are you a fan? Do you make your own or have a favorite place to buy from? Do you own chickens? If not chicken what’s your favorite fried food?
Ah, this question immediately brightens my mood! I love love love fried chicken. My favorite fast food place to get it is a local one called Kipzaak (which translates to “Chicken booth”). My favorite restaurant to get “real” non-fast food fried chicken is about a 30-minute drive from Raalte in Rouveen. You can eat as much fried chicken as you want there for a special price.

I don’t own chickens myself, but a client in the care home next to mine does. They have their cage next to the day center.

2. What’s something you’re too chicken to try?
Rollercoaster rides. And basically any theme park activities beyond the merry-go-round.

3. When did you last find yourself running around like a “chicken with its head cut off”?
I’m not 100% sure what this saying means. If it means being chaotic in one’s daily life, this usually happens to me when I’m deciding to craft something in an impulse, but I can’t come up with an example right now. If it refers to general disorganization, probably yesterday. I was very much in a daze at the time.

4. Something you’ve done recently that makes you think “I’m no spring chicken”?
Oh wait, I’m not? 🤣 I’m 36, but often I forgot that this isn’t all that young anymore. I guess mostly my physical fitness reminds me.

5. “Winner winner chicken dinner”…tell us about something good that’s happened in your life lately.
Oh, this is going to be really hard, as I just had the toughest few days in a long while. This situation though led to quite an intense heart-to-heart between my husband and me, and this was the good thing. I really hope that my marriage is going to be stronger than ever.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Just to clarify, no, there was no relationship crisis that preceded the above. The situation that’s caused me to have one of the tougher weeks I’ve had in a while, has to do with my staff: my assigned home staff is leaving at the end of next week. I had quite a strong attachment to her, maybe unhealthily so. I am really hoping I can feel secure enough to share my most vulnerable side with my husband from now on, since I’ve pretty much decided I’m not going to show it to any of the other staff. After all, for all of them I’m also merely work.

12 thoughts on “The Wednesday HodgePodge (July 6, 2022)

  1. Well from my side of 70 you are a spring chicken. 🙂 Enjoy. Glad things got stronger for your marriage. Hope the rest of the week will go well and you can pesevere.

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  2. I also said roller coasters and for #5 related something about my husband. He took me to a concert and got mad because he doesn’t really like to be at them and all the stress from traveling just came down. He literally had to walk out. It wasn’t me, per se, but the situation. But we talked it out after he’d cleared his head and all is well!

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    1. Oh, I’m so happy to hear you talked things over with your husband and all is well now. Glad I’m not the only one who’s too chicken to try rollercoasters. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I hope things are better for you now. Sending love and hugs.
    I love fried chicken, we like to make our own at home. I am not a fan of rollercoaster rides either. I prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground. x

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    1. Thank you for your supportive words. I’m still struggling, but I hope I’ll get through all this.

      Oh, that’s wonderful that you make your own homemade fried chicken, mmm!


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