Identity: Who Am I As a Creative? #AtoZChallenge

Hi and welcome to my letter I post in the #AtoZChallenge. Today, I want to talk about my creative identity. Well, I’ve been talking about that for most of this challenge already, so this may get a little repetitive. I’m trying not to make it that way. So, who am I as a creative?

Of course, I could start by what I do. With respect to writing, I am a blogger who writes primarily about her personal experiences. In the crafting area, I am a polymer clay hobbyist. I make all sorts of things out of polymer clay, from all kinds of jewelry, such as beads, charms and earrings to sculptures. The only thing I do not make are miniatures, because I’m cluless about scale. However, the thing I love making most are sculptures, especially unicorns.

In addition to what I do, I could share the social roles that creating allows me to have. For example, being a blogger allows me to be part of the blogosphere. With respect to polymer clay, like I said before, I haven’t yet found such a community outside of Facebook.

Lastly, I could share about the higher pursuits I achieve by being a creative. For example, I make other people happy when I give them a handmade gift that I crafted myself. I also find meaning in the creative process itself, in that it provides me something to do on a daily basis that I can be proud of.

Since I dabble in many creative hobbies, not just blogging and polymer clay, I struggle to find a clear identity as a creative. However, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

I also haven’t yet found a style that is clearly mine in my polymer clay, with the exception of unicorn sculpting. As such, I often walk the fine line between copying work I find in online tutorials and being inspired by it. With respect to my unicorns, I think I can safely say they are mine, not a copy of something I found in a tutorial. In fact, even with the first one I created, though it was based on a tutorial, I purposefully changed some things to suit my own style.

17 thoughts on “Identity: Who Am I As a Creative? #AtoZChallenge

    1. Thanks so much! I wonder now whether I ever even showed my blue and purple unicorn that I mixed the purple color myself for. I am quite sure I did, but in case I didn’t, it’s my best unicorn so far.

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        1. Oh haha, maybe I will. I just looked it up and saw I did post it about a month ago. Maybe I’ll just make another, hopefully even better, unicorn, haha. My last one turned out rather off, so I didn’t even snap a picture.

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. Re handmade gifts, I think it depends on the gift and also the recipient. I mean, I used to make cards that were so ugly I should’ve sent out store-bought cards instead, but my family appreciated them.


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