Reasons I Think I Want to Stay in My Current Care Home

Last week, I was discussing my insecurity about living in my current care home with my assigned home staff. I still keep searching for another place to live, even though staff keep reassuring me that I don’t have to leave. Part of the reason for this is probably habit, in that I feel I ought to be looking for another place because that’s always been the case. However, my assigned staff also challenged me to write down a list of reasons I want to stay in my current care home and a list of reasons I may want to leave. Today, I’m going to share my list of reasons I think I want to stay. I’m pretty sure I won’t be sharing my list of reasons I may want to leave, as these are more like things I am hoping to find a solution to within my current care situation. Anyway, here are the reasons I probably want to stay in my current care home.

1. My one-on-one support. Of course, this is government-funded and may be transferable to another care facility, but I do like the fact that my current care team really think my care is important, in that staff shortages won’t easily mean my care will be cut.

2. The fact that I have gotten to know most of my staff. Of course, no-one can guarantee they’ll remain part of my team for the foreseeable future, but if I leave, the whole team will be new at least at first.

3. The fact that my staff help me with activities of daily living. This is a bit of an uncertain thing, as I sort of feel I ought to be able to do more of them independently.

4. The fact that I get day activities in the home and am the only one who does for now. Even though it may be possible to get day activities in my room at another care facility, I might not be the only one. I like the peace and quiet during the day as it is now.

5. The fact that fellow clients hardly make an appeal on me. Most leave me alone most of the time. This is a good thing, but I did put in my other list that I wish to interact with other clients somewhat more than I currently do.

6. My own room with my private bathroom, kitchenette and balcony. Thankfully, shared rooms are no longer in existence within disability services as far as I’m aware, but shared bathrooms definitely are.

7. The weighted blanket the care facility paid for me to sleep under. I mean, seriously, if I were to transfer to a different care agency, I’d lose that too.

8. The Internet access. Pretty much unrestricted, mind you. At least, I haven’t run into any sites that are blocked by the care facility’s WiFi. At least social media and games are allowed. I’m not particularly interested in anything adult content, so haven’t checked that. I can also use the Internet whenever I please, including at 3AM should I so desire (which I occasionally do). I am pretty sure some other care homes would be more restrictive about this.

Overall, looking over this list, I think that, while things aren’t perfect, my care home is pretty good. Actually, I am quite sure it’s pretty much the best I can get.


14 thoughts on “Reasons I Think I Want to Stay in My Current Care Home

  1. I think you have put together some really sound reasons for staying where you are. From what you describe and share in posts on your blog, it seems that the staff care for you and try to make life at this home.
    My 28 year old stepson has just been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. He lives in Ohio and we live in Texas. We really think he needs to be in a facility but have no idea how to find something for him.

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    1. I agree with you about my staff making life as good as possible for me in this care home. Thank you for pointing this out.

      I am so sorry to hear about your step son. I know it must all be overwhelming to you. That being said, people with severe mental illness can live “normal” lives (whatever that is, ha). I know since you say he was just diagnosed, you are overloaded with gloomy scenarios and I indeed do know some people with schizoaffective disorder will need long-term psychiatric inpatient care, but most won’t.


  2. This sounds like a positive list Astrid. Especially feeling that the care team really care. That’s so important. Only you can know how things are for you though. I have always thought it’s important to go with your gut feeling on things. Thank you for joining us for the #dreamteam x

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting. Yes, writing this list on my blog, especially with the explanations (I didn’t include those in my original list that I sent to the behavior specialist), helped me realize that there are a lot of positives about my current care home indeed.


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