Gratitude List (February 5, 2022) #TToT

Hi everyone on this Saturday evening. I’m doing a gratitude list again. I don’t promise I’ll have time for another post for #Write28Days, but I’ll try. As usual, with this post, I am joining in with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT). Here goes.

1. I am grateful for a good psychiatrist’s appt on Tuesday. I went to the mental health outpatient clinic to meet my nurse practitioner face-to-face and we talked to the psychiatrist via the eHealth system, as she was working from home. I got a new medication, which should hopefully help reduce my anxiety.

2. I am grateful I got a license code for the latest JAWS, my screen reader. I don’t know how the screen reader company managed to arrange for it so quickly, as I haven’t seen the bill in my health insurance app yet, but oh well.

3. I am grateful WordPress still provides the classic editor as an option. The latest JAWS does work with the block editor, so I tried that for a few days, but I kept accidentally deleting random paragraph blocks and overall, I consider it still quite a cumbersome editor.

4. I am grateful I have been able to be crafty again. My flower fairy or whatever it was, didn’t turn out as good as I’d liked. Besides, in the tutorial, they did the body in light flesh color, same as the head, so it looks like the thingy is naked. For this reason, I’m not going to show it on my blog in case I offend anyone.

I did create a Disney princess figurine out of polymer clay on Thursday. Most staff immediately guessed correctly who it was when looking at her: Elsa from Frozen. Since it’s quite small (only about 3cm high), I wasn’t able to refine her facial features or whatever. That’s okay though.

Polymer Clay Elsa from Frozen

5. I am grateful for a trip to Action, a budget store, in a town about a 20-minute drive away on Friday. We do have an Action here in Raalte too, but the one in that town was larger or so my staff said. I bought acrylic paint to paint details like eyes on my polymer clay creations, thin paintbrushes to use with the acrylic paint or with glitters or Fimo liquid, a utility knife and some other things. I was looking for soft pastels too, since the site said they sell them, but apparently this particular store didn’t have them in stock.

6. I am grateful for decent sleep most nights this week. I slept really poorly on Wednesday, but the other nights, I slept okay.

7. I am grateful to have been accepted into some lovely Christian E-mail groups. I am grateful for the kind people on there and for the fact that they don’t judge me for not living with my husband, which I know isn’t a traditional Christian marriage setup.

8. I am grateful I have been able to blog consistently for a few days now. I am not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it up, but we’ll just have to see.

9. I am grateful I am able to make relatively healthy food choices on days even when I did have a “bad” food for lunch for example. I mean, I don’t do “cheat days” where I ditch the food plan altogether and that’s good. Every healthy food choice I make contributes to my ultimate goal of a healthier lifestyle.

10. I am grateful for no side effects from the new medication so far. I was supposed to get it at 5PM this evening, but due to some mistake the pharmacy made, it got in the system for 8AM. The staff gave it to me this morning and I took it without concern. I am so glad we found out before the evening staff gave me an extra dose.

What are you grateful for?

19 thoughts on “Gratitude List (February 5, 2022) #TToT

  1. Elsa looks great!
    Whew! Glad the staff was on their toes and recognized the mistake in when the medication was given, so you didn’t get more than you should.
    Having non-judgmental friends is always a blessig.

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  2. Love Elsa! How cute.
    These are lovely things to be grateful for.
    I hope your new meds help with the anxiety, keeping fingers crossed.
    I was dreading swapping to Gutenberg block editor and hung on to the classic editor for as long as possible. With that said, since giving Gutenberg a try, I much prefer it and wish that I had swapped ages ago now! 😀

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words about my Elsa.

      My medication shouldn’t take effect until at least a week into using it or so, but so far, I’m just happy for no side effects.

      I think indeed the block editor probably does have its advantages. For one thing, the classic editor no longer works on the iPhone app, so if I use the block editor, I can switch between my PC and my iPhone in the middle of creating a post.


  3. I can identify with Number 8… the hardest thing (for me) when I started this blog, was when my inner critic would start harping on me about whatever ideas I thought I wanted to write about, insisting it wasn’t ‘good enough’
    Luckily I got over that…lol (and have been fortunate because most of the posts have been about the Wakefield Doctrine which I have yet to get tired writing about.

    #3 totally gets me going… while the Doctrine is self-hosted, I have several other wordpress sites where they did change the editor interface… and I totally agree that block edition is awful.
    I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t have the ‘Classic Editor’ still available.

    Have an excellent week ahead.

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  4. I enjoyed reading your list of thankfuls early this morning. So glad you have a group of Christian friends to give you support and a family of faith to surround you, and glad you have a new med that is helping you, too. Glad I found your post today. Thanks!

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