Gratitude List (January 15, 2022) #TToT

Hi everyone. I’m feeling a bit tired today, so to give myself a boost, I thought I’d do a gratitude post. As usual, I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful. Here goes.

1. I’m grateful it is not as cold as it used to be. Like I said yesterday, daytime temps rose to about 7°C for most of the week. I am also grateful it’s not been raining.

2. I am grateful I was able to clear the air again with a staff after an incident on Sunday. On Sunday evening, I got angry because there were no bananas, even though the groceries should’ve gotten in the day before. The staff got really cross with me for yelling at her, which triggered an alter who carries a lot of memories from the psych hospital. At one point, the staff even tried to physically move me to my room, which triggered her even more. Rationally, I do understand I shouldn’t have yelled at her, but emotionally, I really couldn’t handle the whole situation. I am grateful I was able to explain this, with the help of my assigned staff.

3. I am grateful my husband’s cold seems to be over. He was supposed to visit last Sunday, like I mentioned, but canceled because he had a cold. All going to plan, he should be here tomorrow.

4. I am grateful for fried potatoes. I had those for dinner on Tuesday. I am grateful that, even though the staff had originally forgotten to remove the plastic foil from the area where the potatoes are in my meal, the potatoes hadn’t become soggy. I almost had a meltdown over that too, but remembered to ask the staff to remove the plastic and put the meal in the oven a little longer.

5. I am grateful the dietitian gave me some good tips for variations on things I can have for breakfast or lunch rather than bread with jam on it. I am also grateful I had an overall good appt with her.

6. I am grateful there’s only 82 calories in a cinnamon star, my favorite Christmas cookie, of which I still have two full packages left. I am also grateful I am allowed mini stroopwafels during the week. The dietitian had originally said a small cookie such as a biscuit, but there’s only 36 calories in a mini stroopwafel. For on weekends, she allows me a large cookie. She mentioned as an example a cookie that has like 200 calories in it, which I consider rather outrageous. Maybe I misunderstood and she meant that I should eat those only sporadically, as we were also discussing the fact that no foods are forbidden altogether. Anyway, with that being the case, I’m so grateful there’s only 82 calories in my favorite cookie, so I allowed myself one on Friday even though I’d originally only said to myself Saturday and Sunday.

7. I am grateful I feel less stressed out about my diet already as well as able to experiment more with varied foods. On Thursday, there was no meal delivery service meal for me, so I decided to get a salad from the supermarket for dinner. It was absolutely delicious!

8. I am grateful my husband got some opportunities for a new job. He works as a truck driver right now. That is, he currently works in the truck wash, but that doesn’t earn him that much money. Come February 1, he’s going back to driving, but he also talked to the recruiter about other options. I’m not sure I’m allowed to disclose too much, so I’m not going to share which jobs he’s going to look into, but he’s hoping to find himself a job with regular working hours and decent pay at some point.

9. I am grateful I was able to do some crafting again over the past week. I created a red and silver present charm on a keychain for my father, who has his 73rd birthday today. I am also grateful my husband was able to order a real present for him. My father wanted a cd that’s really hard to come by in the Netherlands, but my husband ordered it off It won’t be here till mid-February, but that’s okay.

Polymer Clay Present Keychain

10. I am grateful the chickens are back. Remember a young man from the care home next to mine had chickens near the day center? Well, shortly before New Year’s, his grandpa took them home with him because they were broody. This week, they returned. Apparently the grandpa had found a way to deal with the broodiness.

I am even more grateful the man whose chickens these are allowed me to pick the eggs today. No eggs though, unfortunately, so either the client who feeds the chickens on weekends had already picked the eggs or they hadn’t laid eggs today.

This was quite doable. Sorry for all the food-related gratefuls though.

What are you grateful for?

19 thoughts on “Gratitude List (January 15, 2022) #TToT

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Unfortunately, I didn’t package the keychain right, so the postal service removed it from the card I sent to my father and he never received the keychain. I’ll make another one soon.


        1. Unfortunately, I think the postal service removed the wrapping with the keychain in it from the card and just discarded it. Ah, just gives me more time to make an even better one for my father.


  1. Now these a couple of great thankfuls, Astrid —warmer weather and non-broody chickens!
    What a cute keychain.
    I hope all go well for your husband being able to get a job with regular working hours and decent pay.

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  2. Gratitude in every way is wonderful! I try to start, and end each day, by thinking about the 3-5 things I am the most grateful for at the moment. It’s often; my children, good health, our home, my work, time in nature – or great conversations with friends. It’s actually hard to think of only 3-5 things, which is a good thing I guess. Thank you for this uplifting post. I hope you got to see your husband today. I imagine its not very fun to be apart for long periods of time.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I did get to see my husband today. It’s hard to live apart, but it was even harder living together with just community-based supports for me.


  3. I agree with Mimi – food related thankfuls are always in order! And good advice that that there are no “bad” foods. Nothing should be completely off-limits, because that just makes you want it more. Moderation is always the key! I also love stroopwafels! I have trouble eating those in moderation, though!

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    1. Yeah, eating stroopwafels in moderation can be quite the challenge. I made a delicious stroopwafel cheesecake when I celebrated two years of living in the care facility last September. It was literally jam-packed with calories, but I didn’t care at the time. That’s okay though, cause if it’s just once a year or so, even a slice of that cheesecake isn’t off-limits.


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