Gratitude List (October 22, 2021) #TToT

Hi all on this mixed-bag Friday weather-wise. It’s cloudy with some rain, but the sun tries to peek through here and there too. I seem to have given up on the blogging challenges entirely, but I’m still attempting to write as often as I comfortably can. Today, I’m doing a gratitude list. I’m joining Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT) as usual. Here goes.

1. I am grateful my staff, the one who is on sick leave, was happy with her presents. Like I mentioned before, I gifted her a handmade soap, hand cream and bracelet. Another staff delivered it to her house as to allow me to save money on postage. The staff who is on sick leave, later texted the other staff an audio recorded message for me. It was so sweet!

2. I am grateful for my nurse practitioner and community psychiatric nurse. On Sunday, I landed in a bit of a crisis and E-mailed them, along with my assigned day activities staff and my support coordinator. My nurse practitioner responded on Monday. Though I felt like he was downplaying my crisis a little, my CPN later said that she at least felt that I was doing well because I asked for help.

3. I am grateful my GP takes me seriously. This really could’ve been a grateful for last week, but I forgot to mention it then. As regular readers of this blog might know, I’ve suffered with what doctors think is irritable bowel syndrome with constipation for years, but it’s gotten worse and somewhat different over the past nine months or so. I saw my GP about it a few weeks ago and he initially sent me home with orders for the staff to fill out a rating scale on my bowel movements. Boy, was it embarrassing having to ask the staff to look at my poop! Thankfully, it did show that I hadn’t been misguided about my symptoms. Last week, we went back with the rating scale and the doc examined me again. After discussing me with the gastroenterologist, he decided to refer me for an abdominal X-ray. It’s been scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

4. I am grateful for my husband’s ability to put things into perspective. I have been worried sick (no pun intended) about the possible outcome of said abdominal X-ray. My husband though said that, since I’ve been having symptoms for as long as he knows me, it’s not likely to be anything serious.

5. I am still grateful for topiramate. The increased dosage does seem to do something in the end. Last night, I had dreams about leaving the care facility, but they do not seem to affect me as much as they used to. I call that a win!

6. I am so grateful for one-on-one support. I cannot say this often enough. I am so very grateful my staff aren’t leaving me when I’m in crisis.

7. I am grateful the chili con carne I had for dinner yesterday was better than I expected. I hadn’t had meal delivery company chili in a while since it’s part of their fall/winter menu. However, I’d remembered it as dry rice with dry beans and a tiny bit of mince thrown in. To my surprise, they’d actually added some sauce and there was more mince in it than I expected.

8. I am grateful that the people who were installing blinds on my side of the building, are finally done doing so. Originally, only the other side of the building had blinds on the outside, but some of my fellow clients suffered badly from the sun shining through their windows during the day especially in summer. It took the company several weeks of installing the blinds and they had to be in each room to program them too. Thankfully, they programmed mine to manual, not automatic. Otherwise, if it’s sunny, the blinds will go down, then if a bit of wind blows they will go up, then down again, up again, etc. I’d rather keep them up and just draw the curtains when it’s sunny.

9. I am grateful that, when they were working on my blinds this afternoon, my one-on-one took me to the snoezelen® room at the day center. After all, the noise was quite unbearable. I loved lying on the waterbed while there was no-one in the adjacent room. So nice!

10. I am grateful I had the energy to go on the elliptical for over 30 minutes this afternoon. When I first stepped onto it, it felt as though I’d hardly manage 15 minutes, but I did pretty well.

What are you grateful for?

16 thoughts on “Gratitude List (October 22, 2021) #TToT

  1. That is great that your GP is taking you seriously. Maybe you will get some answers.
    That is good that they got the blinds installed. That would be horrible if a person had the sun glaring into their eyes and they had no way to prevent it from happening.
    #9 Sounds like a really relaxing afternoon.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. I’m glad my GP is taking me seriously especially since my symptoms seem to have changed. I mean if they’d been the exact same for years, it’d be understandable if they’d say it’s IBS and just to live with it.

      As for the blinds, it could be me being blind, but I personally find that closing the curtains works more effectively than pulling down the blinds. I’m glad I can do it manually though (oh well, the staff can) because the constant up-and-down frustrated me to no end.


  2. I hope your abdominal X-ray goes well and there’s nothing very serious going on.
    I’m so glad the Topiramate seems to be working. 🙂
    It’s so nice you could enjoy being in the Snoezelen room while they were installing the blinds.

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  3. Ah! Blinds!

    Here at the computer desk, there are two windows and there’s a so much sunshine at certain times of day when it’s not cloudy that I can’t see the screen for all the glare.

    The blinds are store-bought so we kinda have to replace them every year or so, since I raise and lower them, like twice a day.

    The weather here (southern New England) is going into the cloudy-rainy season that characterizes most Novembers. Not a fan (of this weather), on rainy days, it gets dark at, like 4 o’clock. Too early!

    Have an excellent week.

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    1. Oh, I feel you about the rainy, cloudy days when it gets dark early. Our Novembers are like that too, though not as bad as yours. Thank you for commenting. Hope you have a good week.


    1. Thank you. I’m so happy my doctor took me seriously indeed. And as for the blinds, I completely agree, which is why I’m happy mine can be manually operated.


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