#WeekendCoffeeShare (October 17, 2021)

Hi everyone. I’m rather late joining #WeekendCoffeeShare this week and I’m afraid there’s no coffee left. You can help yourself to a soft drink or a glass of water though. I also have chips in my cupboard. After yesterday’s crying fit over there only being the wrong flavor left, I decided to buy some myself. I did ask the staff to put them into a cupboard which they only have the keys to, but I’m pretty sure they’ll love to open it for you. Let’s have a drink and a handful of chips and let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee (or a soft drink and chips), I’d share that this week is still quite meh. Early in the week, I was feeling a little more optimistic at the prospect of starting my increased dosage of topiramate soon. I started it on Friday and so far, unfortunately, no change. I am grateful though for no side effects either.

Over the weekend, I’ve really been struggling. I landed in a bit of a crisis earlier this evening, but thankfully pulled myself out of it. I did E-mail my nurse practitioner and CPN at mental health to let them know I’m worried about deteriorating. My husband said I’m not, but the fact that I keep increasing my meds, tells me otherwise

If we were having coffee, I’d moan about my orthopedic footwear after all. The shoes squeak and, though I’m still not in terrible pain, I cannot walk for more than twenty minutes on them without them feeling horribly uncomfortable. Mostly my left foot, the foot on which I wear the AFO, starts to drag. I haven’t heard back from the physical therapist, but am pretty sure she’ll just say I need to push through.

If we were having coffee, I would show you all the soap I made for my assigned staff, the one who’s on sick leave. I heard last Thursday that she’ll remain off work until the middle of November or so due to among other things her needing to use up all her days off for the year or they’ll disappear.

Like I said yesterday, the soap contains vetiver, lavandin and clary sage essential oils. I decided to use a white soap base and no colorants, because I felt the scents would speak for themselves.

If we were having coffee, lastly I would share that my husband came by today. We drove to Subway for lunch. I dutifully wanted to get out my CoronaCheck app, but my husband told me to wait. As he expected, they didn’t ask us for it. The taco beef wrap I chose, was rather boring and I’m pretty sure the mince they put in it was vegetarian rather than beef. Oh well, now at least I know what not to choose next time.

How have you been?

16 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare (October 17, 2021)

    1. Thank you. I really hope so too. I’m worried though that, with me being on the highest dose of both my antipsychotic and my antidepressant already, I’m close to becoming a lost case whose goal it should be to find the right balance between floridly mental and asleep.

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  1. I bet your soap smells delicious. What a very thoughtful gift. I am so sorry you are experiencing physical and mental health issues. I have been on my same medication for years. Have tried using it with a booster with no significant improvement. Because I have been on the drug for so long, have thought of trying something ‘new and improved’ but dread first coming off this med, and then the adjustment process to the new med. And then what if it doesn’t work well? Mental health is such a precarious goal to achieve at times.

    Hope you are able to find a better balance with the change in your dosage.

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting. Yes, finding the right balance with respect to mental health is really hard. I’ve also been on my antipsychotic and antidepressant for years. I’d like to ultimately decrease the dosage of my antipsychotic, because my levels of it are on the high side, but it’s hard to find the right moment for that.


  2. Sorry to hear that this week has still been quite meh for you and that you’ve been struggling. Hope that you start to feel better soon and that things improve with the orthopaedic footwear. The soap you made looks great and I like the sound of the essential oils blend you used. I can imagine it must smell wonderful. #MMBC

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  3. I am glad you have got yourself your own chips. It will save the disappointment in future.
    That is good that you pulled yourself out of crisis and emailed your nurse and CPN. It is such a shame your footwear isn’t doing too well.
    Well done with the soap, it sounds fab! x

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    1. I’ve never heard of corn mince. I think it was soy-based, the mince Subway put in my wrap. As for my feet, they don’t hurt as much, but I’ve hardly worn my orthopedic footwear anymore.


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