Five Activities to Do on Rainy Days #5Things

Hi everyone on this cloudy and chilly but dry Tuesday evening. Today’s prompt for the #5Things challenge is to share our favorite activities for rainy days. It hasn’t been raining much here at all lately – I guess we’re making up for a rather wet summer. However, the fall and winter usually are our rainy seasons here. I thought I’d participate and share some activities I love to do when it’s raining outside.

1. Listen to music. Contrary to some of the other participants in the challenge, I don’t like watching or listening to the rain. In fact, the sound of heavy rainstorms scares me. To drown out this noise, I like to listen to music, particularly upbeat songs.

Interestingly, I do occasionally love to listen to water sounds on my iPhone, but not specifically rain.

2. Read. When I can’t go outside because of the rain, it’s the perfect time to pick up a book and read. I read a wide variety of books, but, as regular readers of my blog will know, I mostly enjoy memoirs and realistic young adult fiction.

3. Craft. Rainy days are also the perfect time for crafting. Now that it’s not raining as much anymore, I can totally see my creative juices drying up a bit.

4. Chill out. I look forward to relaxing in my recliner, which my husband cleared of most of the stuffed animals and other things that were cluttering it last Sunday. I also love to take extra naps or just chill out under my weighted blanket. Since the day center reopened, lastly, the snoezelen® room is also now available to me at times. All of these activities are especially great for rainy days.

5. Enjoy a hot drink. Particularly hot cocoa, but coffee or green tea will do as well.

What do you like to do when it’s raining?

14 thoughts on “Five Activities to Do on Rainy Days #5Things

    1. Haha yes, snoozing, that is, lying in bed past my alarm in the morning, is definitely enjoyable. However, I said snoezelen®, which is a Dutch word for relaxing with all kinds of sensorially soothing materials around.


        1. No, it’s probably not. Hygge as far as I’m aware is used more universally for relaxation or happiness, whereas snoezelen® was originally developed as a method of helping people with severe to profound intellectual or multiple disabilities. At my care facility’s day center, we have a specially-designed snoezelen® room, where the entire sensory environment can be controlled to help calm or stimulate the person using the room. I understand you thought it was a typeo indeed. This term is not widely-known among the general public even in the Netherlands. In fact, even my husband had no clue what I was talking about when I first mentioned wanting to try this several years ago.


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