Gratitude List (August 13, 2021) #TToT

Hi everyone on this beautiful Friday the thirteenth. I am not particularly superstitious about this date, even though I used to have really bad superstitions related to other dates.

This day is going quite well, so I thought I’d do a gratitude list. Of course, it doesn’t have to go well to do one, but well. As usual, I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT). I am also joining Thankful Thursday a day late, since the linky is still open.

1. I am grateful to have been able to see my husband again over the weekend. I was finally able to go to Lobith after over a month of not going there for various reasons.

2. I am grateful for pizza. My husband and I went to New York Pizza, which appears to be a Dutch-only pizza company that supposedly serves NY-style pizzas. I am pretty sure people from New York would laugh at it, but I loved my Tex Mex chicken pizza. Oh, I guess people from Texas and Mexico would laugh at that one too.

3. I am grateful for a proper delivery of the polymer clay things I ordered from someone on Facebook last Friday. I have so far only used the cookie cutters, but they’re great.

4. I am grateful the package from Facebook contained black and dolphin grey clay. With luck, I may be able to combine these to make an actual tabby cat, like Barry, my husband’s and my cat.

5. I am grateful for my staff’s Atlas pasta machine. The staff gave it to me at least to use for as long as I want. I did tell her she won’t be able to make pasta with it anymore now that I’ve used it for polymer clay, but that was okay. The thing works pretty well. She already gave it to me last week, but I am so grateful I got to properly work it this past week.

6. I am grateful I ordered five different sizes of ziploc bags in one package rather than several separately, because I never considered that I’d in fact need the largest size for my bigger packages of polymer clay. I am still able to use the smaller sizes for jewelry-making supplies.

7. I am grateful my creative juices are still flowing steadily. I haven’t actually finished any projects in the past week, but I am making progress. That’s a win and something to be thankful for as well. Oh, now that I’m thinking of it, I did finish a soap, but that was an easy-peasy one.

8. I am grateful the weather has been quite good over the past week. It’s been mostly dry, warm and sunny with a few clouds. I am so thankful it is still summer clothes weather.

9. I am grateful my foot is allowing me to go on slightly longer walks again. It still hurts, but not as bad as it used to.

10. I am grateful for a holiday greeting card from my day activities staff. So thoughtful!

What have you been grateful for?


22 thoughts on “Gratitude List (August 13, 2021) #TToT

  1. What a great thing to be thankful for…creative juices flowing!! I am hoping next week to have some creative time. The house is clean this week and the ironing is almost caught up. Keep your fingers crossed that I can play.

    Can relate to foot issues that keep you from enjoying activity. I have two irritable tootsies. But they don’t slow me down for long. I could just be more comfortable if whatever is wrong with them would remedy itself.

    Yay for good weather. We are having most unseasonable rain. But our desert is so green and beautiful.

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    1. Oh, a green desert sounds so amazingly beautiful indeed!

      I’m so sorry about your foot issues, but I’m glad they don’t keep you from staying active.

      Definitely hoping you’ll be able to create something next week.

      Thanks so much for commenting!


  2. #5! I smiled, experiencing a half-formed visual that had someone coming by when you were away and saying, “How nice! Astrid went ahead and made us fresh pasta for lunch! Is the water boiling yet?”
    (actually, I lol’d after I wrote it out… it would be sorta fun.)

    Excellent TToT this weekend

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    1. LOL about the fresh pasta. It’s an actual pasta machine indeed. I mean, there are machines specifically for polymer clay, but they cost like over €500 I think.


  3. Glad that your foot is doing better and that you are able to walk further now. That is great that you have an Atlas pasta machine that can be repurposed to use with the polymer clay. Although there is a New York Pizza place here we haven’t eaten pizza from there. I have eaten pizza in New York City and I remember that it was a lot different than the usual pizzas we eat here. Good, but just different.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes, I’m so happy I can walk longer distances now. As for pizza in NYC, I’ve never been there but if I ever go there, I’ll definitely try it.


  4. Lovely you had time with your husband over the weekend. The polymer clay and paste machine sounds interesting. Glad your food is on the mend and you’ve been able to exercise a little.

    Thanks for linking with #pocolo and hope to see you back soon

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  5. I just love #2! I’m sure the Italians scoff at NY style pizza! We have a lot of Mexican restaurants around us, and most of them make more Americanized versions of the food. If you look, though, you can find truly authentic Mexican restaurants (we have a lot of Mexican and Central American immigrants where I live – they were brought here to work in the poultry processing plants by the companies).
    Please post photos of the items you make with the polymer clay! I am really interested! I have one of those pasta makers, too, but even though we NEVER use it, I think my husband would blow a gasket if I used it for clay! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing. I definitely think Italians would scoff at our so-called Italian-style pizzas too. Then again, when I was in Rome with my school, I had the worst pasta ever, so well. My husband and I once had the most delicious pizza. Not in Italy, but in Switzerland not too far from the Italian border and the mozzarella was brought fresh from Italy each day.

      I’ll probably post some pictures of my polymer clay creations today or tomorrow. I truly love the craft!


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