My Braille display, which I use to access my computer and smartphone as I am blind, is giving me problems again. In fact, it’s been acting up ever since only a few days after it got fixed three weeks ago, but I hadn’t wanted to disclose this on my blog. After all, the Braille display costs several thousands of euros and the company had originally claimed that home contents insurance (which I don’t have at this point) should pay for the repair, so I had been wanting to keep this private while investigating my options. Now though, the thing has been acting up so badly that it caused me to spiral into a parasuicidal crisis. This may seem odd, technology being so powerful as to get me to lose my sanity. Thankfully, my husband calmed me down!

This post was written for Six Sentence Story Thursday, for which the prompt today was “Powerful”. It was also inspired by Abbie’s contribution to the blog hop.

28 thoughts on “Powerful

  1. Technology, when it acts up all the time with no end in sight, can seriously cause one to lose sanity. I experienced that over a year ago for half a year or so, one thing after another, without suicidality involved, thankfully, but I did feel like my brain itself was about to kill me with rumination, and the recovery process was quite long. I still keep having dreams about that. Anyways, I’m really glad that your husband was able to help you feel a bit calmer. I wish these Braille display people could finally do their job properly, it sounds like one huge never-ending story.

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    1. Thank you so much! Like I said before, they claimed the other one has water damage even though I never ever drink when in front of my computer or touch my Braille display with wet hands or whatever. I’m pretty much convinced they’re going to say the same about this one, which is rather absurd but still. I think the fifth generation Focus Braille display just can’t handle my hands.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it’s true that it really impairs my connecting to others digitally. I mean, I could use text-to-speech too, but that’s not nearly as useful for me.


  2. There’s nothing more frustrating and exasperating than a piece of equipment breaking soon after it was supposed to have been repaired. Malfunctioning computers definitely can drive one mad! Thank goodness Astrid, you’ve got someone to spread some calm 🙂 I hope your tech woes are soon resolved!

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