It May Be May #SoCS

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It may be May already, but the weather’s still not that good. Though it is a little sunny with some clouds here, the temperature’s still low at a high of 12°C today. It’s supposed to rain all of next week and the temperature isn’t supposed to get above 16°C and that won’t be till next weekend.

The month of April was very chilly too, though it wasn’t too rainy. Oh, how I want higher temperatures!

In May, I usually anticipate summer eagerly. My sister has her birthday on the 13th. This is also when I start counting down to my own birthday at the end of June.

This year though, it doesn’t feel like it’s May already. It feels more like the beginning of March. I’m not sure whether that’s due to the weather or something else. Maybe it’s also because our lockdown still hasn’t eased much and we’ve been in it for so long. I mean, last year we were still in lockdown by early May too, but that one wasn’t implemented until the middle of March. Ugh, I can’t wait for some restrictions to be lifted. Oh well, some were, but I think the infection numbers are still too high for me to take advantage of that. Of course, I’ve been vaccinated and my parents too at least got their first shot. However, my husband and mother-in-law still haven’t gotten theirs. My husband isn’t sure he’ll ever be vaccinated at all.

Ugh, I’m tired of COVID-19 restrictions. I’m pretty sure they won’t work anyway. I mean, the infection numbers and hospitalizations are quite high and we keep getting glimmers of hope that they’re going down soon. I doubt it. I was also scared to find out that there’s an outbreak of COVID in a nursing home even after vaccination. Ugh, I was hoping I’d be protected. This freakin’ pandemic has been going on for so long!

Remember that, in March last year (I was going to write “last March” as if it isn’t past March 2021 yet), I wrote that I expected life to be pretty much back to normal by September of 2021. I honestly don’t believe that and I think neither does anyone else, though some people are still disbelieving when I tell them this pandemic might go on till 2024. That’s what I’ve read somewhere. I really hope that source is wrong.

This post was written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday (#SoCS), for which the prompt today is “may”.

10 thoughts on “It May Be May #SoCS

  1. I feel your frustration and pain. My mother is in a long term care home, and they have had outbreaks since vaccinations occurred, but no one has been seriously ill or died. We all know that the vaccines aren’t 100 % effective, but they are the best shot we have at surviving this. As far as restrictions go, yes, they are frustrating, but if people actually all followed them, they do work. Numbers may be high, but in my area, they are coming down. The key to getting back to near normal is compliance. Sadly, many won’t do it.

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    1. Agree completely. Here in the Netherlands, compliance with the lockdown is pretty poor and now the government has loosened some restrictions based on societal pressure. I would really love for vaccination to go quicker, but even that’s no guarantee we’ll get out of this pandemic sooner.

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  2. Yes, this situation is going on for long, and we don’t know how far still until we’re out of this tunnel. I remember when it started, and it seemed exaggerated first to think it would last as long as “until the summer” (2020) – and here we are…

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    1. I agree. When I wrote that pretend diary entry, I did predict the pandemic would last till the summer of 2020, but I had no idea we’d still be in the middle of it now.

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  3. In my area of Northern France the gardeners does not like the 11,12 and 13 of May because sometimes there is a hard frost in the morning . Those three days are called ” Saints of ice “”!
    Love ❤

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