Gratitude List (February 12, 2021) #TToT

Hi all! It’s freezing cold out here, with temperatures dropping to -18°C tonight or so the weather forecast said. I don’t like winter one bit. Even so, I have so much to be grateful for right now. Let me share. As usual, I’m linking up with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT).

1. I am so very grateful to be alive. Last Monday night, I started to feel sick and, among other things, experienced chest pain which was unusually severe for me. I can get chest pains when having a panic attack, but this didn’t feel like it. I immediately worried about my heart, since even though I’m far too young especially for a woman to experience a heart attack, I’m still obese. I felt too scared to press the call button though. Thankfully though, I was able to go to sleep and actually woke up the next morning!

2. I am grateful for my supportive staff, who helped me through my time of feeling out of sorts.

3. I am grateful for a very understanding GP. My staff scheduled a doctor’s appt on Tuesday afternoon because I still wasn’t feeling well. The GP was reassuring without being dismissive.

4. I am grateful for magnesium. The doctor thought, as had I when in my rational mind, that despite the Metamucil, I was still constipated. She switched me to magnesium tablets to be taken twice a day. They are chewable tablets, but thankfully my staff were able to grind them and give them to me in some custard. I’m not sure the magnesium is working yet, but it at least doesn’t make things worse.

5. I am grateful the roads and cycling routes are now snow-free. We had a lot of snow on Sunday and Monday, so there was no point in shoving it. Thankfully though, it stopped snowing by Monday evening.

6. I am grateful I was able to go for some walks today thanks to the snow-free cycling routes. The pavements were still largely covered in snow, but thankfully I live in a quiet neighborhood, so we could walk on the street too.

7. I am grateful for large stroopwafels. These are a kind of waffles filled with butterscotch cream or honey. We usually have the mini ones at the facility and I’m the only one who eats them, because they are a choking hazard to the other residents. Today, we had the large ones.

8. I am grateful for pajamas. A staff, the same one who often brings me stuff (I may’ve mentioned her before), brought me pajamas she no longer wore. I am so grateful, as with these deep freezing temperatures, I’d like to keep warm at night.

9. Speaking of the cold, I’m grateful for central heating that actually works. We had a power outage on Tuesday and this meant the heating was off for the rest of the day and most of Wednesday. I’m so glad it’s back on!

10. I am grateful my husband got through the hectic week at work. He’s a truck driver, so his job was very hard during the snowstorm. I’m so glad I was able to support him and am so grateful he made it home safe each evening.

Really, I could probably go on. I am grateful for cellular Internet (because our WiFi was out during the power outage too). I am grateful for sleep. I am grateful for food. I am grateful today in the European way of writing the date, it’s a palindrome (just had to say that). I am grateful for Day One, my journaling app. I am grateful for the YouVersion Bible app. I am grateful for Jesus. All these could make it onto my gratitude list. Really, I am truly blessed!

What are you grateful for?

18 thoughts on “Gratitude List (February 12, 2021) #TToT

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better now! I can see how that must have been quite a health scare. It’s awful when you’re scared of something to the point when you’re scared to call for help or something. It’s also great that the GP was helpful.

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    1. Thank you so much. With respect to health scares, it doesn’t help that I hold onto a superstitious kind of law of attraction thingy, at least my emotional mind does, so that voicing a scare seems to make it come true.

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  2. Same thing here* still seeing days of extreme cold (‘single digits F) and a bit of snow. (My hopes of a snowless winter, like we enjoyed last year) have been dashed!
    Halfway through February which is encouraging as, once we hit March, the worst is over for us.
    Have a warmer week.

    *In Southern New England US

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. I’m sorry you’re having snow too, but glad you have your hopes up for better weather come March. The worst is usually over by March here too.


  3. Lots of things to be grateful for. I’m so glad that the chest pain didn’t turn out to be anything serious and that you’ve been able to go for some walks. Nice warm pyjamas and central heating is something I’m very grateful for in the cold weather too! #MMBC

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  4. February has been a brutal month, weather-wise, here in the states. No heat must have been terrible! Glad you got some warm jammies to wear! And I LOVE stroopwafels! My frirend’s daughter got her hooked on them, and she then started getting them for me. My son and his fiance brought some back from Amsterdam last year, and even after traveling all that way, they were amazing!

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    1. Oh, that’s awesome that you can have stroopwafels at times!

      I definitely feel you about the brutal weather. Here, it was only a week or so and we’re supposed to get spring-like weather this week-end.

      Thanks for commenting.


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