Reading Wrap-Up (January 4, 2021) #IMWAYR


Hi readers and fellow book lovers! I have been reading relatively much lately, so I can do another reading wrap-up today. As usual, I’m joining in with It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (#IMWAYR).

Life Update

I’m doing pretty well right now. Got a lovely package from Emilia of My Inner MishMash in the mail today. It’s for her readership award. The package contained some great food and non-food items. I must admit though that I ate all of the caramel fudge and am now a bit nauseated (or is it nauseous?).

What I’m Currently Reading

Still reading Hatch by Kenneth Oppel. I had let it lie there for a bit while reading other things, but I started it back up and it’s really intriguing.

I also finally picked up Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I previously finished two of her other books and had started in Still Alice some six years ago already, but never finished it. Obviously, I started back over.

What I Recently Finished Reading

Yay, I finally finished Killer Cupcakes by Leighann Dobbs. It was a great read and the ending and who the killer was sure surprised me. Now even with the most predictable plots I’m no good at predicting what will be next, but oh well.

What I think I’ll Be Reading Next

Oh, I still have so many books I am looking forward to reading! I joined Storygraph yesterday and have been loving playing around with their recommendation feature. It recommended The Choices We Make by Karma Brown. Then I looked over my Bookshare book collection and associated from there. I now badly want to read If I Die Before I Wake by Emily Koch.

Lastly, I was discussing memoirs on another book blogger’s bookish resolutions post. This got me to finally want to buy Brave by Adelle Bellis. I have the preview downloaded onto my Apple Books and love it. However, with Bookshare having such a wide selection of books, I find I’m a little spoiled and get disappointed if I have to actually buy a book.

What have you recently read?

18 thoughts on “Reading Wrap-Up (January 4, 2021) #IMWAYR

  1. ooh sounds like some great books in here – and do you know this could have been a great entry for #SquareUp. The logo is square, and there are updates, cupcakes and wrap-ups. So many ups in fact!

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  2. oh, I’m glad you enjoyed the fudge so much, but I hope the nausea will go away soon.
    That sounds like you have loads to read!
    I love Lisa Genova’s books and I found Still Alice very interesting, but also quite upsetting, as I’m deadly scared of neurodegenerative diseases.

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I think I’ll find Still Alice quite upsetting too. I read Inside the O’Briens and that one scared me too, but at least I have no reason to think I have the Huntington’s gene.

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      1. Yeah, that one was a bit distressing too, although I also don’t think I need to worry about ever getting Huntington’s, but simply reading about something scary like this happening to people was a bit upsetting. It was a fascinating read at the same time though.

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            1. Yes, I definitely experience this. Not just with books or other media, but also like I find it triggering to look up other care facilities but still do it almost on a daily basis.

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              1. Oh yeah, now that I’m thinking of it I remember I’ve also had similar behaviours, I mean ones that worked in a kind of similar way. Not so much anymore, but it used to be a frequent thing for me too and will sometimes still come up in a big way. It can get quite exhausting long-term, at least in my experience.

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  3. Reblogged this on My Inner MishMash and commented:
    And the first MIMRA is with its winner now!
    I’m thrilled that Astrid received her readership award today, which she mentions in this post.
    It’s her reading wrap-up post, so go check it out to find out what she’s been reading lately, and is planning to read next. Maybe you can find some books here that you’d also like to read. 🙂

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