Gratitude List (November 28, 2020) #TToT

Hello everyone. Like I mentioned yesterday, I have not been more grateful than I am now in a long while. Part of the reason is my recent depression, but part is also my increased attitude of gratitude. For this reason, I am trying to make posting about gratitude a weekly habit again. As always, I am linking up with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT).

1. Quiet dinners in my room. Last week and early in the week, I was very stressed out about needing to eat in the communal room with the other clients. This has been a stressor for me for a long while already. I was given the opportunity to eat in my room if I didn’t cope in the communal room, but was struggling to say I didn’t cope on time. For this reason, me and the staff decided I for now will always have dinner in my room. Yesterday, a staff noted that I eat much slower now.

2. Extra staff. I may’ve mentioned this before, but there is now an extra staff member to support me in the evenings. I am not yet sure how they will cover this financially, but we’ll see. Today, I thought there wouldn’t be an extra staffer, but thankfully there was.

3. Podcasts. I’ve mainly been listening to church services. I am so grateful for my podcast app that enables me to listen to church services from all over the world. Oh and of course also other podcasts, like the Parcast Network originals.

4. The YouVersion Bible app. I have only a three-day streak so far, because I missed one day of Bible reading on Wednesday. I am determined to make this streak much longer though. Right now, I’m on day six of a seven-day devotional on forgiveness.

5. Soaping supplies. My day activities staff ordered 3kg each of white and clear soap base as well as a few micas (powdered colorants). She already ordered them early last week, but they finally arrived last Thursday. In addition, my husband brought my Christmas tree soap mold. I am really looking forward to soaping again.

6. Cake decorating. In addition to the extra staff in the evenings, there’s an extra staff in the morning on week-ends. The one who had this shift today, asked me earlier in the week whether I’d like to decorate cupcakes with her today. We ended up using regular slices of cake, not cupcakes, because these are easier to decorate. I loved it.

7. Beautiful skies and sunsets. I regret not having taken a photo of the pink sky we had on Monday. I didn’t really see it, but did see some and loved the staff’s description. Also, on Sunday, I saw the sunset. This was really cool.

8. Eating lunch in the car. My husband came by this afternoon to take me out to lunch. Since all restaurants and such are closed due to COVID, we drove to a Subway drive-through. We each had a chicken teriyaki wrap. It was delicious!

9. Homemade wraps. Okay, they weren’t as good as the Subway chicken teriyaki one, but they were good too. We made wraps with chicken and lettuce on Monday and, because we had some wraps still left over, made some more with minced meat and beans on Thursday.

10. Good talks with my husband. He keeps me interested with his knowledge of theology in particular.

What have you been grateful for lately?

18 thoughts on “Gratitude List (November 28, 2020) #TToT

  1. I am glad that you and the staff are able to agree on what is the best plan for now and that you have activities which are ones that bring you enjoyment.
    There are times I have missed seeing a beautiful scene outdoors, or haven’t had my camera handy when I did see one, or am unable to pull the car over to a safe place where I can take the photo. I am thankful for other chances to see beautiful scenes.
    It is good that you are able to access church services and scriptures and other podcasts.
    Wraps are delicious!

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    1. Yes, I am so happy my staff are able to help me be as emotionally well as I can be. I am also so happy to have access to church services and the Bible when I feel I need/want it. Thank you so much for stopping by.


  2. Glad you can enjoy quiet dinners in your room and not be so stressed by the dining room. I love to listen to podcasts! I really enjoy The Moth, where people tell true stories. Some day, I’d like to participate in one of their workshops. I used to do a little cake decorating. I was pretty good at making roses and pansies. I think sandwiches and salads both taste better when someone else makes them! Have a great week!

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  3. It’s great you have some extra support now. 🙂
    I’ve been hooked on some podcasts lately too.
    I like the idea of YouVersion, I think it’s a pity that there isn’t a similar, Catholic app that would help people to explore the Bible more. I feel it could really encourage a lot of people to read it more often on their own, not just in church, and see what a great book in so many aspects it is. I’m glad that it, and talking to your husband, contributes to your spiritual growth. 🙂

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    1. Oh that’s so sad that there isn’t a Catholic Bible app. The current Dutch Bible translation serves both Caholics and Protestants as far as I know. Isn’t there a Catholic Bible on That’s a shame if there isn’t. Anyway I’m so glad to be growing spiritually.

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      1. Oh, I didn’t even know about Bible Gateway, that’s probably because I myself always read Polish Bible unless I’m just interested totally out of curiosity about how something is put in some English or other language translation, but I just checked it out and it does appear to have even a few bibles that are accepted by Catholics! So that’s a great thing and I’m glad to know that Catholic people also have an app option, after all, as in the past I’d heard that was apparently a bit of a problem.

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      2. That was much appreciated. 🙂
        That’s great you read it in English! I find reading different Bible translations very interesting, but usually if I read it in a different language, or even some much older Polish translation, with my linguophile brain I think I tend to focus too much oon the language rather than anything else. So I do read it in English sometimes, but it’s more for literary rather than religious purposes I’d say.

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  4. Podcasts are one of those things that simply are good use of technology, to be able to listen to all sorts of topics whenever the spirit moves you.
    Good to have gotten out for a ride, there is something about the little self-contained world that a car sometimes can be, to watch the world pass by while having a quiet space with another person.
    have a good week.

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