Lovin’ Lately (September 11, 2020)

Hi everyone on this beautiful Friday! How are you all? I’m doing pretty well. I thought I’d share another edition of Lovin’ Lately. As usual, I’m linking up with Friday Favorites.

1. Cold tea. Last Saturday, a staff brought a bag of so-called cold tea. This is a new product from Pickwick (I believe). It’s herbal tea that you add to cold water instead of hot water. The staff brought me the pineapple and lime flavored one.

2. Fragrance oils. I decided for the first time to check out a webshop specializing in fragrance oils for candle and soap making or oil diffusers. I’d heard of this shop before, but never bought anything off it. This time, I ordered two fragrance oils: one pineapple and the other juicy yellow lemon. I got another fragrance oil as a gift. That one isn’t suited for soap or skin or hair care products, but I’ll try if I can diffuse it in my oil diffuser.

3. MyNoise. Emilia over at My Inner MishMash recommended this app (well, she didn’t name it until I asked). Like she says, it’s an app that lets you listen to various soundscapes and you can set the volume for each individual sound within the soundscape. I pretty soon decided to purchase the full version, which has like 150 different sounds. You can also somehow calibrate your own soundscapes or something, but I’m not sure how that works. I’ve so far been listening to a lot of nature-based soundscapes.

4. Soap making recipes. On Monday, I decided to check out YouWish, a Dutch soaping supplies store with a great blog. I really want to get into the soap making craft again. I haven’t yet tried out any of the recipes yet, but will next week. Some use micas, which are powdered colorants. I bought two at the fragrance oil store too.

5. Matcha green tea powder. When searching for more melt and pour soap making recipes, I saw a recipe that uses green tea powder as a colorant and additive. I immediately decided to order some matcha green tea powder. The site said that it’d arrive within a day, but it didn’t. It finally arrived today. I saw on the packaging that besides tea, you can also use this in smoothies. That sounds pretty cool!

What have you been lovin’ lately?

12 thoughts on “Lovin’ Lately (September 11, 2020)

  1. I’m glad you’re also enjoying MyNoise. 🙂 A similar one I’ve recently discovered as well is called NatureSpace, and it had almost only nature-based soundscapes. It seems to have more of them, at least at a first glance, than MyNoise does, but doesn’t have all the features like the calibration, presets or setting volume and frequency of each sound, you just buy the tracks or bundles and listen to them.
    My Mum loves matcha for its health benefits, and she does use it in her protein smoothies/shakes she drinks every day after training. I personally find it really yucky. 😀 But it’s great you’re lovin it. 🙂

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  2. Yesterday, another device arrived. It is a little counter, about the size of 1€, which contains a bettery. It is a bluetooth thing which connects to my phone, and when I push a button on the app on my phone, it goes “beep”. I have about six of these little counters now, in various places like my wallet, just (hopefully) to prevent losing things. The one that arrived is destined for a Jam Jar containing a headset, because I just lost one.

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