Reading Wrap-Up (August 31, 2020) #IMWAYR

It’s been a few weeks since I last did a reading wrap-up. The reason isn’t that I’ve not been reading, but that I moved through most books slowly and didn’t want to bore you all with updates about the same books week after week. Today, I thought I’d share what’s been going on in my (reading) life. As always, I’m joining in with #IMWAYR.

Life Update

Like I said yesterday, I’ve been using reading for escapism a lot lately. I can’t quite pinpoint the reason, but I’m struggling a bit. I often feel overwhelmed when in the communal rooms at my home, so I retreat into my room and read.

What I’m Currently Reading

Nothing at the moment. I deleted a few books off my “Currently Reading” bookshelf on Goodreads because I’d had them there for nine months to several years and didn’t believe I was going to finish them anytime within the foreseeable future.

I’m still only 6% done with The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth, but I haven’t committed to reading it yet. By that I mean, I haven’t put it on my Goodreads shelf or decided I’m going to spend significant time devoted to this particular book.

What I Recently Finished Reading

I finished two books in the past week. The first was Too Scared to Tell by Cathy Glass. I finished that one on Thursday and wrote a review of it on Friday.

The second one is No Way Out by Kate Elysia. This is an abuse survivor memoir. I found this one by looking for other inspirational memoirs to read besides the foster care memoirs by the likes of Cathy Glass, Casey Watson, etc. I am thinking of doing a mini review of this one someday when I’ve read some other books I discovered too.

What I Think I’ll Be Reading Next

I really don’t know for sure! I still need to read the new Casey Watson and Maggie Hartley foster care memoirs that came out on August 6 and I think Angela Hart has a new memoir out too. I’ve not read anything by Angela Hart, as she isn’t discussed on the inspirational memoirs groups as much.

In addition, I discovered the preview feature on Apple Books just last week too. I never thought to actually download a preview of a book before buying the book. Don’t know why not. This week, I downloaded previews for two domestic violence survivor memoirs, before I ended up buying No Way Out (without downloading a preview first).

Lastly, in case I’m not into serious reading, Rebecca of BookishlyRebecca recommended the young adult romcom Tweet Cute by Emma Lord. I immediately checked if it was available on Bookshare and it was!

What’s up in your reading life?

14 thoughts on “Reading Wrap-Up (August 31, 2020) #IMWAYR

  1. I know what you mean about your currently reading shelf staying the same. I’ve been reading the same (very) long book for the whole month of August, but had a few others going, plus audiobooks, to report on here and there. Hope you find some good ones to start, now that you have a clean slate! You’ve gotten me curious about what BookShare is, but maybe it’s something on GoodReads?

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. Bookshare is an accessible book service for the blind, dyslexic and otherwise print disabled. I use it because I’m blind. I probably should’ve explained, sorry.

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      1. Ah! Well, I could have NOT been lazy and looked it up myself before commenting, especially as I’m a librarian! I’m a first-time vistor to your blog from the “It’s Monday What Are You Reading” link-up. I’m glad you were able to get the book through Bookshare!

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        1. Oh no, you weren’t lazy at all. I understand first time visitors don’t know everything, but I feel like I would be repeating myself if I explained it each time. Anyway, thanks for your kind words.

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  2. I’ve always enjoyed reading as an escape. When it’s too hot out or too cold out or too rainy out there’s always a comfy spot on the couch to hang out with a book. Right now I’ve probably got 3 or 4 books in process — Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire by Jen Hatmaker and I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown are the two that come to mind off the top of my head.

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  3. Some books have been on my reading shelf for a long time as well, just as reminders that they are still there. I am finding more time to read, but, like you, I’m struggling to find my place. Perhaps it’s all that’s going on….perhaps it’s the new lifestyle I find myself in….not sure.
    I guess we are navigating through these waters and will at least have our books to comfort us. Hugs to you.

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