Five Things I Hate About Summer #5Things

I’m a bit late to join in with this week’s #5Things prompt, as I didn’t see it till today. Yesterday I hardly checked my feed reader at all. This week’s prompt is 5 things you hate about summer. Now I must say summer is still my favorite season, but I’m tempted to switch that to spring. Here are five things I hate about summer.

1. The heat. I live in the Netherlands, which at least used to have a pretty moderate climate. However, last year we broke all heat records with temps rising to 40 degrees Celsius. Nice weather for me is about 25 degrees Celsius. We had that for most of the summer this year, but right now we’re experiencing a horrible heatwave again.

2. The drought. I know, I know, many people hate the humidity and I do understand hot and humid weather is worse than dry heat. However, here we have had regular water shortages that were horrible for the farmers.

3. Air conditioning. As much as I hate the heat, I hate to have the AC on even more. It makes a lot of noise and either hardly helps at all or leads to such freezing cold temps that you get hit with the heat as soon as you leave the room.

4. Mosquitoes. Oh boy, how I hate those! They sting and they make horrible noises.

5. Wasps. I’m quite scared of them. Plus, they are frankly annoying with their buzz and always trying to sit on my ice cream or lemonade.

What do you not like about summer?

14 thoughts on “Five Things I Hate About Summer #5Things

    1. Yes, definitely! Thankfully ours don’t transmit diseases like malaria or the like, but they’re still really annoying. Oh well ticks do transmit diseases, but I’m not sure these are a summer thing.

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. Re mosquitoes, we don’t have the ones that transmit malaria etc., so ours aren’t really dangerous, but they’re definitely annoying.


  1. I hate all of these things, and probably would find a few more if I thought long enough. I used to love summer and consider it my favourite season, almost solely because it was holiday time so I could be with my family all the time, but now that I’m at home with my family all year and don’t have to worry about that anymore, my love for summer has shrunk a whole lot. Mostly because I don’t tolerate heat too well so it’s draining, and I’m scared of wasps and ticks. The only thing I still love about summer as much as I used to is that there are so many yummy fruit. But other than that, these days I much prefer autumn or winter.

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