#WeekendCoffeeShare (July 5, 2020)

Hello all and a happy Sunday evening! Today I’m joining in with #WeekendCoffeeShare. I honestly crave a cup of strong coffee right now, as I’ve only had one cup so far today and it’s past 6PM. Unfortunately, I think all I can get now is decaf. Anyway, how have you been? Grab a cup of decaf, tea or your favorite type of soda and let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee, I would rant about the meeting I had with my nurse practitioner and community psychiatric nurse last Friday. I was very worried about this meeting beforehand. It didn’t go as I expected at all, but that wasn’t a good thing.

The reason we had the meeting was to decide whether I can get trauma treatment, such as EMDR. I voiced my fear that, if I tried EMDR or the like, my parts would come forward and sabotage the therapy. Instead of reassuring me or even asking further questions, my nurse practitioner said he doesn’t believe I have alters because he’s to his knowledge always seen Astrid. He added that everyone has different sides to themself.

For whatever reason, the whole EMDR/trauma therapy thing went out the window too. He wants me to do acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). He recently trained in this and it seems this is more of a reason for him to want a guinea pig than that he genuinely thinks it’d suit my symptoms. My husband joked that it’s almost like, if I go to the hospital with a broken leg and the orthopedic surgeon isn’t on call, they’d send an oncologist to give me chemo.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that after the meeting, my staff and I went to get fries at a snackbar. We also drove by a store to get me a large bag of sweets. I had originally intended to get cold tea too. Oh, I forgot to offer you all some of that. It’s basically herbal tea that you put into cold water and then let sit for ten minutes. It’s good.

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you that I spent a night at my husband’s yesterday. It was good. We had roti delivered for dinner.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that despite the not-so-great weather, I did go for a walk today once I got back to the care facility. There’s a new staff who’s being trained to work on my unit and she took me for a walk. Unfortunately, it seems as though my Fitbit battery won’t charge. Maybe it’s time for a new one.

How have you been?

21 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare (July 5, 2020)

      1. She has had a Fitbit for a few years, too. She’d thought of replacing it with an Apple watch. I just said that the normal thing with Apple tech is that it all usually connects easily to other Apple tech like her iPhone. But then this Garmin came up on QVC, cheaper than both. The Apple watch, you definitely paid quite a premium for it. As it was, the Garmin connected easily in 5 minutes. The only thing she has complained about is that you are supposed to be able to load music onto the watch, and she can’t yet. I told her to switch the watch off and on again, she said she had not worked out how! Which sums up her tech skills!

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        1. I’ve been thinking of getting an Apple watch too, but all the newer models have nickel in them, which I’m allergic to. I think one of the positives of the Garmin is that it syncs with Apple health, which Fitbit doesn’t. The Garmin app is a little less accessible to VoiceOver users than the Fitbit app according to what I’ve read.

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                1. Oh okay. I think VoiceOver isn’t really suitable if you’re used to doing things the sighted way but prefer listening to reading. I don’t know what you do use but Apple has a speech functionality that doesn’t change the way the gestures work (like VoiceOver does) but will read to you anyway if you ask it to. I think Android and other operating systems might have something similar.

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                  1. I use the Firefox browser on my PC. It has its own reader, which will speak the post to me. Comments etc, I need to use my sight. But comments tend to be shorter than posts. It is just that my sight is slower than my ear, but I can use it if I have to.

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    1. I understand. I’d like to get an Apple watch someday too, but the newer models so far all have nickel in them, which I’m allergic to.


  1. I am sorry you had problems with your fitbit but it would seem you are not the only one. i bought one a couple of weeks ago and it wouldn’t turn on. it was the Inspire one and apparently has been the bane of many people’s experiences. I will not be so quick to get any type of fitbit.

    I am sorry the meeting didn’t go as planned. I hope something is resolved.

    I have been sporadically returning to the gym since June 17. i have been attending in person meetups and having fun. i have found a friend and we walk every other day.

    I am in the process of returning to work a week from tomorrow.

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    1. Oh, I was considering getting the Fitbit Inspire HR, but I’m not sure anyway.

      Glad you are enjoying going to the gym and have found a walking buddy.


      1. I wouldn’t waste my money or time with it.

        Thank you. I am going to have to tell my walking buddy that we will have to change the times to go as I am returning to work next week.

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  2. Hello Astrid, Good to hear from you again this weekend. I was sorry to read that your medical team is maybe going sideways on your treatment. You’ve not spoken of your others for some time and I wonder if you are so much more in control now that evidence of them is just harder for a doctor to see or hear. I know very little of this condition so want to speak very carefully and only as a friend trying to be helpful. I’ve read some of your posts for several years now and you sound happier and healthier than when we first met. Is this observation of any use? I hope it is encouraging.

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  3. How frustrating and sad about the EMDR therapy and that people don’t seem to get the problem with your parts. I honestly find it really awful and strange what your nurse practitioner said because how can he know if you have alters or not, or which of them he has seen? Alters in DID (and I’d suppose in other dissociative disorders where multiple identities occur as well) are usually not like something spectacular, after all, aren’t they? They’re not meant for people to easily see the differences between them and they can often act like the host, it’s a survival mechanism so it’s only natural he can’t see any spectacular changes in your behaviour I guess. It’s awfully annoying how some people always want to see things for themselves, even if it’s not possible or not straight away. I wonder if you had a headache, would he also say you don’t, because he can’t see it? Would make me feel very off if I had a meeting like that about any of my issues, I believe. It’s a pity that people are so strongly inclined to make decisions for you which sort of therapy you need.
    I’m glad to hear that you had a nice time with your husband at home. 🙂

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  4. That sounds like a frustrating meeting. It’s sad that you have to fight so hard to get good treatment. It did sound like there was some good highlights of your week. Great that you got out for a walk. Maybe we have similar weather? The heatwave got exchange for a lot fo rain and pretty cool weather. It’s been around 12C here today, and it was down to 8C last night.

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